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Flipping Our Lid: Why Septic Risers Are Taking Off

If you want to know more about the benefits of septic risers, you’ve come to the right place! Our Cocoa Beach septic repair company shares why these helpful additions to your septic system are more popular now than ever.

If you’re the owner of a septic system, you likely know why inspections, cleanings, and maintenance are so important. (Here’s a list of septic best practices if you need a refresher.) The EPA recommends that traditional septic systems are pumped and inspected at least every 1-3 years. If you own a non-traditional septic system, such as an ATU, servicing and maintenance schedules may be even more frequent. Whichever system serves your home or business, easy access to your septic tank makes maintenance that much simpler. So, what are septic risers and why do you need them? Read on to find out! 

What Are Septic Risers?

Septic risers are vertical pipes installed around your septic tank that extend to the ground’s surface. These risers provide easy access for services such as inspection, pumping, cleaning, and any other routine maintenance your septic system needs. Risers also allow you to check on your septic system throughout the year if you suspect a problem.

Septic risers are most often made of concrete or polyethylene, both of which has its own advantages. Building codes or other environmental factors may make one type of riser more appropriate for your septic tank than the other, so make sure to discuss your thoughts with our Cocoa Beach septic repair company during the decision-making process. 

Septic Risers Keep Your Yard Beautiful

When a septic service company comes out to pump, clean, or inspect your system, they usually need to dig up the surface of your yard in order to access your septic tank. If you have septic risers, the tank is already accessible without digging! This means you don’t have to worry about reseeding your grass or having an unsightly dirt patch.

Septic Risers Improve Safety During Service

If you need to check on your septic tank throughout the year, you need a way to access it safely. Even if you consider yourself a seasoned DIY expert, most tasks related to septic care are best left to the expertise of a professional company. 

Septic risers reduce exposure to toxic gasses and fumes that are present in septic tanks. The easier it is for you or a septic technician to access your septic tank, the less time they must spend near these chemicals, fumes, and bacteria. 

Septic Risers Help You Save Money

If you have ever had a septic system installed on your property, you probably weighed out the pros and cons of certain tank styles and considered other factors in the cost breakdown.  

Septic risers can help you get the most value out of your initial investment and can also help reduce future costs. Septic risers make access to your septic tank much easier, potentially reducing the cost of labor. 

Who Should Install Septic Risers?

The best and most efficient septic riser installation job can be performed by our Cocoa Beach septic repair company. Acme has specialized in septic pump-outs, inspections, drain field installations, and more, for over 30 years. 

Our technicians are trained and certified to deliver expert service for any of your septic care needs. If you need further encouragement before contacting us, take a look at some of the reviews that our customers have shared, like this one from Erin R.:

Extremely responsive, exceptional service, and fair prices. Stacey is a delight to work with and always responds in a timely manner. I refer this company to everyone that needs a new septic install, septic inspection, pump out, etc. Highly recommend!”

Rise To The Next Level Of Septic Care 

Looking for a Cocoa Beach septic repair company to provide your septic riser installation? Contact Acme for service today!   

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