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3 Factors That Affect Orlando Septic System Cost

Acme Environmental Services has been providing our customers in the Central Florida area with top-notch septic solutions for over three decades. Wondering about your Orlando septic system cost? We can give you a free estimate.

If you’re thinking about installing a septic system at your home, you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost. In fact, finding out their Orlando septic system cost is one of the first questions we get from homeowners who are considering installation or replacement. The answer to this question is affected by multiple factors, and we’re going to share the three that most heavily influence the price of your septic system in this blog.

What Affects Orlando Septic System Cost?

Septic Tank Size

It may seem obvious, but larger septic tanks are going to cost more to install. Not only are the tanks themselves most costly than smaller options, but you will also need a larger space excavated to install the tank, and it typically requires more labor as well. There are advantages to a larger septic tank though. A tank with a larger capacity will usually not need to be pumped out as frequently, so you won’t have to plan for maintenance services as often. 

The size of your septic tank isn’t always something you can control. Many cities require that their residents have septic tanks that are a specific size that is based on the square footage and the number of bedrooms in their homes. 

Landscaping Orlando Septic System Cost

Who would have thought that your landscaping would affect your Orlando septic system cost? If your existing septic system is buried under decorative grasses, trees, shrubs, or flowers, each of those features will need to be removed before your new septic tank can be installed. 

Our team at Acme Environmental Services always uses the highest level of care when maneuvering equipment around our customers’ yards. We know that you care about the appearance of your home, and that’s why we work quickly and effectively to create as little disruption as possible. 

Once you have your new septic system installed, we don’t recommend planting anything over it but grass. Trees and bushes can put excess weight on the dirt above your system, and roots can damage and puncture a septic tank. 

Your Septic Contractor

Finding a great contractor is important if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises as you go through your septic tank installation. Not only can unreliable contractors create a bad experience, but an incorrectly installed septic system will also have a decreased lifespan and may need increased repairs and maintenance down the road.  

But it’s not just about how experienced your contractor is — it’s also about how well they care for their customers. So ask around; see what people say about your potential contractors before you sign on the dotted line.

In this review that was left for us by Carly M. she shares the great experience she’s had with our team over the years:

“We have used Acme since 2012 when we moved into our first septic system house.  They have always been reliable and have worked us in on an emergency basis multiple times over the years.  Many of my neighbors now use them as well, not only because of their exceptional service, but for their prices beat anything here in Lake County! 5-star-service with very reasonable pricing!”

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