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Septic Tank Repair

It is critical to schedule prompt and professional septic tank repair as soon as you notice any sign of damage or malfunction. Putting off repairs for too long can cause further damage to your septic system, drain field, and other parts of your property.
As a company with the expertise and knowledge required to handle any septic tank repair needs you may have, you can trust Acme to quickly resolve the problem.

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Understanding Your Septic System

Your home or business’s septic system is composed of two primary segments: the septic tank and the drain field. Both of these components manage and treat the wastewater that comes from your home or business. The septic tank is a treatment structure, often located underground, that separates and breaks down solid and liquid wastewater from sinks, showers, and toilets. 

Step 1

In the first stage of treatment, solid matter is separated from liquid waste and is broken down by the bacteria in your septic tank.
Step 2

Once the initial treatment process is complete, the wastewater that is left over, also known as effluent, flows out of the septic tank and into your septic system’s drain field, where it receives further treatment.
Step 3

After the wastewater has fully processed through your septic drain field, it is filtered one final time through the sand or stone layer of earth surrounding your drain field, which serves as a natural filtration system. At this point, the effluent from your septic tank has reached a level of purity that makes it suitable to be redistributed into the ground.

Understanding Septic Tank Issues

Possible problems with septic tanks that homeowners may face include:

This happens most often when regular cleaning appointments are not maintained. Without regular cleaning, your septic tank will soon become filled with the solids and sludge that accumulate with its use. Cleanings ensure that your septic tank continues to function well and stays free of clogs.
Faulty or poorly maintained septic tanks can also result in backups. You will know when your tank is backed up because wastewater can come up through the drains in your home.
Broken Parts
Septic tanks can sustain damage due to environmental factors such as tree root systems, natural disasters, extreme weather, and age. It is important to maintain a regular cleaning and inspection schedule so that any problems with your septic tank can be quickly identified and resolved.
This is a problem that impacts residents in Central and Eastern Florida. Because of the high levels of precipitation in our region, heavy rains and flooding can cause septic tanks to overflow and possibly sustain damage.

Our Septic Tank Repair Services

  • Emergency Septic Tank Repairs

    Facing a septic emergency? We’re here for you with prompt and reliable emergency septic tank repairs. Septic crises can spring from various situations, including those that are a result of weather conditions, such as flooding, system breakdown, poor maintenance, or objects trapped in the plumbing network or tank.

    Don’t suffer while waiting for a routine appointment when immediate help is necessary. If you detect any alarming signs, skip the wait and schedule an emergency repair with Acme immediately. We’re committed to restoring your comfort and safety without delay.

  • Routine Septic Tank Maintenance and Repairs

    Routine septic care is one of the most important parts of septic ownership. It is advised that septic system owners in Eastern and Central Florida schedule septic cleanings at least once every 1-3 years. This ensures that your septic tank stays free of clogs and damage, and does not pose any risk of contamination to the environment.

    If your septic tank has been damaged, give us a call! We’ll provide a free estimate and affordable septic tank repairs.

  • Full-System Septic Tank Inspections and Repairs

    We provide full-system septic tank inspections and repairs. Septic inspections are necessary to ensure that your septic system remains in compliance with local and state regulations and allows an expert to identify any need for repair or replacement. Inspections are recommended every 1-3 years for residents in the Central and Eastern Florida region.

Signs You May Need A Septic Tank Repair


If your toilets back up even if there is no clog, the problem could be coming from the septic tank.

The age of your tank is another essential factor you should consider. An inspection of your tank will let you know how many years until you could need a replacement.

If you notice your drinking water smells, it appears cloudy, or has developed a brown or orange hue, it could mean that your water supply contains excessive amounts of unsafe chemicals or waste material. If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment with Acme right away.

If you are seeing multiple puddles appearing or sunken ground in a specific area, it could be due to your tank being full or clogged.

Dead patches of grass on your lawn are another indication you could have an overflowing septic system.

If you begin to experience problems throughout your plumbing systems, such as slow drains in your kitchen or bathrooms, this could be a sign it’s time for septic repair.

The most common sign that you need a repair is if you smell a bad odor. If you notice strong septic smells in your yard, call us ASAP.

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Why Timely Repairs are Crucial

Delayed repairs can result in further damage to your septic system, drain field, and property. If your septic system has been damaged and raw sewage is released into the environment, it poses environmental and public health risks and even legal trouble for the owner of the septic system.  

The presence of bacteria and nitrates in septic waste presents environmental concerns to the public sphere and ecosystem. It is important to maintain prompt septic repairs to avoid any health risks or legal problems related to this issue.

Why Choose Acme for Your Septic Repair Needs?


We’ve been a part of the Eastern and Central Florida community since 1989. We saw a real need for top-notch septic services in our area, and we’re committed to being your septic contractor of choice.

If you’re searching for a septic company that’s all about affordability, practical solutions, and keeping customers happy, you’re in the right spot!

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