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ATU Installation

Aerobic treatment units are an alternative to traditional septic systems to manage sewage disposal.


ATU Installation

ATU installation is the process of breaking down sewage and producing a higher quality, antiseptic output that can be suitable for surface irrigation. This allows for a smaller drain field, cleaner effluents, and effective sewage management in areas that are not connected to public sewers.

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What Are ATUs?

Advanced Treatment Units (ATUs) were designed to act as a sewage plant for your property. As a relatively new system, ATUs are an economical and dependable solution for the disposal of wastewater and on-site treatment. They were designed to make it possible for homeowners to invest in an alternative to a septic tank system, regardless of the condition of their topsoil.

Why Do I Need An ATU Installation?

  • Great for homes with minimal, rocky or clay-based topsoil 
  • Serves as an effective miniature sewage treatment plant for your home 
  • Cleaner, faster and more energy efficient 
  • Reduces solid waste and other bacteria quicker than a septic system

How To Care For An ATU System?

  • Get your ATU tank pumped every 2 to 3 years 
  • Check the motor and timer on a routine basis to ensure it’s working properly 
  • If you notice something is wrong with your motor, contact a professional ASAP to avoid raw sewage being discharged 
  • Ensure all shrubbery and vegetation surrounding the ATU is maintained
  • Check the lids of the ATU frequently to look for cracks or concerns

How Can I Inquire About An Installation?

You’ve come to the right place! For more information about installation, contact us today for a free estimate. We’d be happy to get you set up with the right system to fit your property’s needs. Our technicians are highly trained to understand the processes and procedures required for installation. We’ll walk you through the steps and educate you on the best practices for caring for your new system.

ATU Installation

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