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Summer Prep: Schedule Your Cocoa Septic Pumping

Septic pumping is one of the most important ways to keep your septic system working at its best. Scheduling your Cocoa septic pumping with Acme is a choice you should make today!

Septic systems play an extremely important role in helping our households and businesses to function well. Without the contributions that our septic systems provide, we would have to deal with untreated waste, free-roaming environmental toxins, and huge, smelly messes. Instead, we have the modern luxury of the septic system, which treats and disposes of the waste we produce. It’s important that you regularly schedule septic pumping in order to keep this vital system running properly, free of damage, and less likely to develop clogs. Our septic team at Acme wants to make sure that you have all the info on the advantages of allowing us to perform your Cocoa septic pumping.

Septic Pumping Prevents Backups 

There are many problems that may arise if you do not regularly have your septic system pumped. The EPA recommends that this task is performed an average of one time every 3-5 years. Thankfully that is a minor commitment compared to the time and money it takes to deal with the complications that may take place without regular septic pumping. These include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Improperly functioning drains
  • Swampy, smelly messes in your yard
  • Damage to your septic system or drain field

None of these situations are pleasant to resolve, so make sure your routine septic pumping with Acme is checked off of your to-do list this summer!  

Septic Pumping Allows A Professional To Inspect Your Septic System

When you schedule a septic pumping appointment, a professional from Acme can also inspect your septic system for any damage or parts that may need to be replaced. 

If you regularly schedule septic pumping, the likelihood that something will be damaged is reduced, but septic systems can wear out just like any other material. Someone with a trained eye can evaluate the condition of the filters, baffle, and other parts of your septic system and make suggestions for any needed updates or repairs. Speaking to a professional can help you learn helpful tips on how to best care for your septic system between pumping appointments. 

Septic Pumping Helps You Avoid A Costly Cocoa septic pumping


Septic clogs don’t just create pools of smelly water in your yard. They can also damage your septic system or drainfield to the point one or both may need to be replaced. 

The cost of replacing a septic system can range anywhere from $5,000-$15,000, according to the EPA’s website, compared to the significantly lower cost of scheduling your Cocoa septic pumping with Acme. 

We have a free price estimator on our website so you can get a better idea of what your pumping service will cost. 

Should I Attempt To Pump My Septic Tank Myself?

You might be experienced in the realm of home renovations and DIY projects, but pumping your septic tank should not be performed unless you are a certified septic technician. This is because the task is best performed with the use of machinery that professionals are trained to use.

It is possible that you could mishandle the contents of your septic system and expose the environment to chemicals and bacteria that could make people and animals sick. 

Put Acme On Your Speed-dial today!

Don’t wait to schedule this important part of septic care. Contact Acme for your Cocoa septic pumping and avoid any of these unpleasant situations. We look forward to doing business with you!

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