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Is Cocoa Beach Septic Pumping A DIY Job?

DIY work in your home can be a fun learning experience or something that gives you an outlet for creativity. However, some jobs should always be left to a professional, including your Cocoa Beach septic pumping! 

Septic work of any kind is a task that should always be performed by someone who is trained and certified, like our team at Acme Environmental Services. Let us share some of the reasons why. 

Professionals Have The Proper Equipment

Septic pumping is a task that requires the use of a high-capacity vacuum, a  pump truck, and other equipment, to remove solid and liquid waste from your septic system. This equipment is not always easy to obtain, and it can be expensive and impractical for someone to keep year-round. It is so much easier to have professionals, like our team at Acme, take care of this task for you.  

Our septic tank experts can perform the waste removal and an inspection, which will help identify any worn-out parts, damage to your tank, or other potential problems. Septic pumping is needed because your septic tank naturally accumulates waste over time. It is recommended that you have your septic system serviced at least once every 3-5 years. If pumping is not routinely performed, it can cause clogs and other damage to your septic tank, drainfield, or both. 

Pumping Your Own Septic System May Cause Injury 

Not having access to proper equipment presents a challenge on its own, but the risk of physical injury is also much greater if you are not trained to work on septic systems. If an untrained person attempts to climb into a septic tank, they could fall and injure themselves. 

Unlike other DIY projects such as woodworking or landscaping, dealing with waste also means you’re dealing with toxic matter, including chemicals, bacteria, and pathogens. These pose health and safety risks that are important to prevent at all costs. There are gasses, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, that are present in septic systems, Exposure to these can result in: 

  • Lung damage
  • Asphyxiation 
  • Irritation of the respiratory system in general 
  • Heart and/or brain damage

The risk involved in attempting to pump your septic system alone is simply not worth it. It is much wiser to leave this job to a professional. 

Improper Disposal Of Waste Can Pose Environmental Risks Cocoa Beach Septic Pumping

Septic pumping can present risks to the ecosystem as well. The risks of unsafe materials being released into the environment is unsafe for animals as well as humans. Some people attempt to remove septic waste through the use of a sludge or trash pump, but if the equipment malfunctions and sewage is spilled, you may then have to contact a professional to clean up the mess.

This would create additional work and additional expense to your task. With the use of safe and approved equipment, the waste is pumped, contained, and transported safely. 

You Risk Damaging Parts Of Your Septic System

Professionals are trained to understand how septic systems work and how to detect possible problems. No matter how handy you are in the realm of home maintenance projects, it can still be very challenging to attempt this job alone. If damage does occur, it can be much more expensive than it would have been to have hired someone else in the beginning. Hiring a professional company like Acme will always help you avoid any extra challenges. 

Hiring A Professional Takes The Stress Out Of The Task

Life can get very busy. It’s nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing help with your home maintenance tasks, including septic pumping. Professional septic team members are trained and certified to properly perform septic service and properly dispose of the waste that is removed. They are able to safely handle each step of the process in an efficient and friendly manner. Here are some reviews from a few of our satisfied customers: 

“I had a septic tank problem. I spoke with Stacy, who was very knowledgeable and explained my options and had a truck at my house in less than 2 hours. Diagnosed the problem and it was fixed. Thank you! You guys are awesome.” -Andrew T. 

“Great company to do business with. Did what they said they would do quickly and left the yard clean. Highly recommend.” -Ed K. 

“Excellent job on my new septic tank. Took the time to make sure everything was right. They were not the most expensive, either.” -James R. 

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