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With over 30 years in business, we have the expertise needed to give you the best Orlando septic tank installation available.

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Septic Tank Installation Services

Are you completing a new construction project or looking to add capacity to your septic tank? Turn to the highly experienced team at Acme Environmental Services for all of your Orlando septic system installation needs. We have successfully completed numerous installation, cleaning, and inspection jobs, and have the skills that are needed to make your septic tank installation as hassle-free as possible for you. We work with contractors, homeowners, and business owners alike.

No matter what style of septic system you want to have installed, our septic technicians are able to handle the job. We serve all of Eastern and Central Florida as far as Windermere, Daytona, Merritt Island, Winter Garden, DeLand, and Mount Dora.

Why Professional Septic System Installation is Crucial

When you’re ready to have a new septic system installed, don’t take on the project alone. Having a professional install your septic system is important for safety reasons, protects your property, and ensures that your septic system is installed correctly. 

Attempting to install your septic system alone increases the risk of injury, environmental exposure to unsafe contaminants, and added costs in the long run if something goes wrong. Depending on the expertise of trained and certified technicians is a far better choice.

Why Choose Acme for Your Septic Installation Needs?

Acme has been serving the Central and Eastern Florida area for over 30 years. Founded in 1989, we have always sought to deliver the highest quality of service in the areas of grease trap installation, septic repair and installation, inspections, and more. 

A company that has been run by family from its beginnings, we maintain a company culture that prioritizes great communication, top-tier service, and a strong infrastructure. All of our technicians are trained and certified to perform the best work you can find. Acme has provided countless services to homeowners and businesses in the Central Florida area. 

A reliable septic company should have a thorough knowledge of environmental regulations that are specific to the regions they serve. Florida is known for its heat and high levels of humidity, so it helps for septic companies to have an in-depth knowledge about what potential factors arise from these weather conditions and how they affect septic maintenance and ownership. Our years of experience with the natural environment in Florida has improved our ability to serve those in this area. Here’s what a few of our satisfied customers had to say:

“These days it seems like an overwhelming task to get someone to call you back or show up when they say they will, but Acme does! I have used them for over 25 years (2nd generation) both personally and professionally and know them to be timely, fair & reliable!” -Stephen B. 

“We just purchased a home with a septic system and we knew nothing about them. We had Acme come out and pump it since we didn’t know when it was last done, and we got an appointment scheduled not even a week later. The guy who came out was very informative and nice. The lady on the phone was very nice also. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone!” -Kim G.

“The folks at Acme delivered exactly what they promised at the price they promised on time every time I dealt with them.” -Charles C.

Our Septic Tank Installation Process

Consultation and Assessment 

Before your new septic tank is installed, a technician will prepare by assessing the site where the installation will take place. During the assessment phase of a septic installation, the septic technician will perform tests that are necessary to correctly determine the ideal location of your new septic tank. One of these is called a percolation test, which measures the soil’s rate of water absorption.

The septic technician will then perform an evaluation of the soil type and conditions, and identify other factors that may affect the installation, such as underground electrical or sprinkler networks. The presence of vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and gardens can also impact the location of a septic tank installation. These and other landscaping choices are considered prior to the installation of the new tank. 

Permits and Regulations in Florida 

The state of Florida requires anyone seeking to install a septic system on their property to submit an application to the local board of health and the Florida state Department of Health. 

To simplify this step of the process, our team members will obtain any necessary documentation for you. Once your application has been approved, the installation process is ready to begin. 

Installation and Quality Assurance

The installation process begins with our septic technicians measuring the depth and surface area of the space where your septic tank will be buried. The septic tank is safely lowered into the ground by our commercial construction vehicles. 

Any pipes that connect the septic tank to your home or business will be attached. Once all of the components have been assembled, we will run tests to ensure all of them are functioning properly.

We ensure quality and compliance during this process by employing only septic technicians who are trained and licensed to perform septic tank installations in the state of Florida. All of our team members have the expertise required to install your new septic system safely and according to all state and local regulations.

How long does septic tank installation take?

There are a lot of factors that come into play with Orlando septic tank installation. These factors include your location, size of your wastewater treatment system, and local regulations. Another factor that often comes into play here in Florida is the weather. Expect at least 7-10 days for installation.

Understanding Septic Systems: Components and Care

A septic system is one of the most important components of a well-functioning business or household. A septic system is essentially a holding tank for the wastewater that flows from a home or business. After you flush the toilet, take a shower, or use a sink, the wastewater that is flushed or runs down the drain flows into your septic system’s tank where it is treated and broken down by bacteria. Once the initial treatment process is complete, wastewater flows to a septic drain field. After wastewater has reached this final step in the treatment process, it is safe to be redistributed into the ground. 

After you’ve had your Orlando septic tank installation, continued maintenance will improve life expectancy and help it run smoothly. Without routine maintenance, you may experience some costly issues later down the road. You also want to watch what you’re putting into your tank.

The Benefits of Septic Tank Installation

  • Public health – Septic tanks can reduce the risk of diseases from being transferred through your household water.
  • Environmental benefits – Wastewater treatment removes pollutants from surface water and reinvigorates groundwater.
  • Economic benefits – These systems help rural and suburban areas reduce energy costs to collect and treat wastewater.

Safety and Environmental Standards We Follow

As the owner of a septic system, it is important to understand local safety protocols and environmental regulations. Septic systems must be installed a safe distance from certain water sources such as bays, lakes, surface water, multi-family wells, and portable wells. They must also be located a safe distance from any storm water pipes. 

There are specific regulations about where a septic tank is permitted to be installed due to the fact that septic tanks contain hazardous waste that may contaminate the environment. A professional septic technician is required to be knowledgeable about regulations necessary to perform a septic installation in the state of Florida.  

Commitment To Sustainable Practices And Protecting Local Ecosystems

Acme aims to be as environmentally-conscious as possible in all of our work. Our septic installations are performed by professional septic technicians who can safely handle septic systems. Our commitment to sustainable practices helps to protect community health and the health of the environment. If chemicals and waste that are present in septic systems are improperly handled and are released into the environment, contamination and illness may result. This is why Acme is committed to maintaining the highest level of caution when we perform installations, inspections, and septic cleanings. 

Caring for Your New Septic Tank

  • Be mindful of what you flush down your toilet. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Items like sanitary napkins and facial tissue don’t quickly degrade and can lead to septic tank failure.
  • Don’t put grease down the drain. Cooking grease and your sink drain are not a good combination. It can accumulate in the tank and cause a plug. If you need to throw out oil, dump it into a container and throw it away in the trash.
  • Pump your tank regularly. Call us to pump your tank every one to three years. This will clear away any build-up and break down solids, which reduces your risk for system failure.

FAQs About Septic Installation in Florida

    • What Are The Requirements For Septic Installation In Florida? Anyone seeking a septic installation in the state of Florida must submit an application to the Florida Department of Health. These permits ensure compliance with regulations, and address factors like soil conditions, system design, and environmental impact. 
    • What Kinds Of Septic Systems Are Permitted For Installation In Florida? There are several types of septic systems available for installation in Florida. These include: conventional septic systems, chamber septic systems, drip distribution units, mound systems, and aerobic treatment units.
    • What Factors Should I Consider Before Having My Septic System Installed? Factors to consider when planning where to install your septic installation include soil type, any underground networks such as sprinkler systems and electrical networks, trees, and shrubbery. When a professional septic technician comes to evaluate your property prior to installation, they are able to specify a location where a septic system may be safely installed. If a septic system is located too close to root systems that can interfere with the septic system’s functioning, they will need to be removed if there is no other appropriate location for the septic installation. 
    • Is There A Significant Difference Among Various Types Of Septic Systems? Factors that impact what type of septic system you have installed include the size of your home or business, your lot size, soil type and conditions, and your budget. Some septic systems, such as ATUs, are ideal for customers with rocky or clay-like soil or who have smaller lot sizes. Chamber septic systems provide ease of construction and are ideal for locations with high groundwater tables. You may ask any of our experts from Acme for a recommendation that suits your needs.

Call Acme for Expert Septic Tank Installation

Partnering with a professional septic tank installation company is one of the safest and most cost-effective choices you can make when it comes to septic system installation. This choice will ensure that your septic system is properly installed and stays running for years to come. 

Contact Acme today for your Florida septic tank installation. 

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