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Never DIY A Pump-Out – Our Septic Pump Trucks Can Carry The Load

There are many updates and home maintenance projects that can be done without the help of a professional – but septic tank pump-outs should never be one of them! Our Orlando septic pumping service shares some reasons why. 

DIY Septic Pump Outs Can Release Harmful Bacteria Into The Environment  

A number-one reason why you should always seek the help of a professional for your septic pump-out is because of the potential health risks that improperly handled waste poses to you, your community, and the environment. If wastewater leaks during the septic cleaning process, or is not properly disposed of, it can easily contaminate natural and public water sources, resulting in illnesses and other environmental problems.

Contacting an Orlando septic pumping service is the best way to ensure that your septic pump-out job is handled safely. A certified septic technician knows how to skillfully handle any septic system, safely dispose of its contents, and is familiar with environmental regulations that will help keep you and your community safe. Don’t take the risk by attempting to perform this task on your own – contact a reliable company to handle the dirty work for you. 

DIY Septic Pump Outs Can Result In Fines

Certified septic technicians possess the knowledge required to ensure that your septic system meets state and local code regulations. If some part of your septic system violates state or local wastewater regulations, you may end up owing fines for the violation and/or the cleanup required to resolve any resulting damage or contamination. 

Instead of risking the consequences of mishandling toxic waste, contact our Orlando septic pumping service! 

DIY Septic Pumping Can Result In Injury 

It is possible that you could harm yourself while performing a septic pump out. Septic tanks are generally cleaned with commercial-grade equipment and vehicles that most people do not have the training to properly use. Any attempt to perform a pump-out by someone without experience could result in injury. 

Professionals not only have access to this equipment, but they also have the assistance of other technicians while performing septic maintenance. Lastly, professional septic maintenance companies have sufficient insurance to cover the costs of any injury or damage that could take place during the pump-out. Calling a professional to handle this job is a simple way to quite literally avoid a headache, or worse. Allow Acme to give you a well-deserved gift this year and take this project off your hands. 

DIY Septic Pump Outs Could Lead To You Missing Existing Damage In Your Septic System Orlando septic pumping service

When septic technicians perform pump outs, they also look for signs of wear or damage that exist in your septic tank. They can identify any breakdown or malfunctioning parts that need repair or replacement

Without an eye trained to detect potential problems, you may miss something that affects your septic system’s functioning or could lead to further damage. We promise we aren’t trying to steal all the fun and excitement you may imagine cleaning your septic tank would bring. If needed repairs are missed, you could end up with damage to your property, flooding, backups, cracked tank interiors, and more. The longer these problems are allowed to persist, the more extensive the damage and cost for repair becomes. 

Other Ways Septic Experts Improve Your Experience

Partnering with certified experts in septic care helps you avoid DIY disasters and will better prepare you for everything that is associated with septic ownership, as well. Septic care experts can help you by:

You Already Work Hard – Take The Day Off And Allow Acme To Handle This Job

There’s no reason to add one more thing to your home maintenance to-do list. 

Contact our Orlando septic pumping service today to schedule your service appointment with us!

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