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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Septic Company

Are you looking for a great team for your septic care needs? When you choose Acme as your Mims septic company, you will avoid making some of these possible mistakes in your search. 

Mistake #1: Inexperienced Workers Performing Your Septic Service

The professionals at Acme have been in business since 1989. Even though our team members are all trained and certified, the decades of experience we have has allowed our business to develop and gain valuable knowledge that only continues as we serve the population of Mims and other surrounding cities.

While there are many home-maintenance projects that are safe and fun to DIY, septic service can be dangerous, and ultimately more costly, if you attempt to perform service on your own. Professional companies have access to the proper equipment and vehicles that are necessary for septic service. 

Septic pumping involves dealing with chemicals that can be dangerous to you and the environment. It also requires the safe handling and transporting of waste material, all of which our pump trucks can safely and efficiently handle.

Mistake #2: Choosing A Company Whose Team Is Not Knowledgeable

You should seek a Mims septic company whose team members thoroughly understand their trade and can help you better understand how to care for your septic system. 

Septic care requirements can vary depending on factors like what type of tank you have, how large your household is, and the location of your system. It’s important to have a septic team that can communicate any information necessary for your septic system to stay in top shape. You should know what kinds of objects do and do not belong in a septic system, and how to identify possible clogs or damage to your septic system. The experts at Acme will always provide friendly and thorough information on any of these topics. 

Mistake #3: Not Choosing A Company That Has Licensed Team Members

Mims Septic Company

Knowing that the team members who are providing your septic service are trained and licensed gives you peace of mind. Choosing a company that prioritizes proper training and ongoing education for its team members means that you will receive the best service available. 

Our team members at Acme undergo a careful background screening process prior to joining our company. This is a step we take to ensure your Mims septic cleaning is performed by individuals who show integrity and reliability. 

Mistake #4: Hiring A Company With Poor Document Management 

Knowing that a company carries out proper employee screening, maintains active licensing, and keeps all documentation organized is an important quality. You should always seek a company that has proper insurance coverage. This is an important detail because if you or a team member were injured during your service appointment, it could result in legal complications. You want to make sure that the company you hire to perform any installations or maintenance is covered by all necessary forms of insurance.

The team at Acme has carefully organized documentation and insurance coverage for all of our team members and vehicles. This is to ensure that every service is carried out safely and responsibly. It is a step that protects both you and our company. 

Mistake #5: Choosing A Company That Has Poor Reviews

It’s a good idea to pay attention to reviews that other customers leave for companies. If you notice a trend in negative reviews when you are researching a company’s website, or you see that the company never responds to the negative review, this could definitely point to how much a business prioritizes customer satisfaction. 

At Acme, we take the reviews of our customers very seriously. If a mistake is made on the job or you do not receive what you hoped for, we will make every effort to correct the situation for you. But don’t take it from us, here’s a recent review that we received from Charles C. 

“The folks at Acme delivered exactly what they promised at the price they promised on time every time I dealt with them”

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