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4 Reasons It’s Critical To Hire A Certified ATU Installation Company

If you want to install an ATU, you need a team of certified technicians. Our West Melbourne septic pumping team shares four reasons why. 

Unlike traditional septic systems, aerobic treatment units, or ATUs, are a type of septic system that uses oxygen to aid in breaking down waste. This enables ATUs to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly and helps to extend the length of their operational lifespan. These benefits have caused ATUs to experience a growth in popularity over the last several decades. ATUs also benefit homeowners and their communities by:

  • Contributing to cost savings over time
  • Reducing potential negative impacts on public health 
  • Allowing easy installation for homeowners with limited space for drain fields
  • Working well on properties with exceptionally rocky or clay-like soil

Not just anyone is able to install these systems. Anyone who is interested in ATU installation must contact a certified ATU installation company to perform the installation. Here are a few of our West Melbourne septic pumping company’s reasons why.

Reason #1: Training 

When you choose a professional West Melbourne septic pumping company to perform your ATU installation, you are relying on the expertise of septic technicians who have undergone specialized training in several key areas. This includes:

  • Training in ATU technology
  • Installation procedures
  • Electrical and mechanical systems
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Specialized training allows septic technicians to become familiar with features that are unique to ATUs and how to assemble them. This training is essential for proper installation and for keeping the environment healthy. 

Here are a few of the features found in ATUs that are not always present in traditional septic systems:

Aeration system: An ATU is equipped with mechanisms to introduce oxygen into the wastewater to promote aerobic growth. This often involves an aeration tank or chamber where air is bubbled through the wastewater.

Air compressor: Air compressors provide necessary oxygen for the aerobic treatment process.

Treatment chambers: ATUs may include multiple treatment chambers or compartments where various stages of treatment occur.

Control panels: Many ATUs are equipped with control panels to monitor and regulate the system’s operation. These panels may include alarms to indicate system malfunctions, timers for aeration cycles, and controls for adjusting oxygen levels. 

Clarification chamber: After the aerobic treatment process, ATUs often include a clarification chamber where solids settle out of the treated wastewater. 

Disinfection system: Some ATUs may include a disinfection system, such as ultraviolet (UV) light, or chlorine tablets, to further treat the effluent and ensure it meets regulatory standards for discharge. 

Each of these components allow ATUs to deliver higher levels of energy-efficiency, and helps them produce higher quality effluent. 

Reason #2: Regulatory Compliance 

You may recognize the term “compliance” from when it has been used in the workplace. Perhaps you’ve had personal experience overseeing matters that require compliance. 

The certified installers from our West Melbourne septic pumping company are familiar with state and federal laws concerning ATU installation. They will be able to correctly install your ATU according to these standards, helping you avoid paying extra in fines if any part of your septic system were found to be in violation of compliance. 

Reason #3: Safety

Installing a septic system shouldn’t be a DIY to begin with, and ATU installation is no different. Not only are septic systems challenging to transport without the help of a commercial vehicle; they also have electrical components that present risks to those untrained to assemble them.

Enlisting the expertise of a certified ATU installer will keep you safe, and reduce the likelihood of your ATU malfunctioning in the future. 

Reason #4: Warranty

Most ATUs come with specifications from the manufacturer. These specifications include required installation by a certified professional in order to maintain warranty coverage. When you seek the help of our West Melbourne septic pumping team, you can be sure that you are receiving an expert installation that adheres to all expectations. 

How To Care For Your ATU Following Installation West Melbourne septic pumping

ATUs still require regular maintenance and inspection from a professional septic company. In order to fully reap the benefits of these septic systems, owners should:

As long as your ATU is well-maintained, it can continue to contribute to a healthier environment, help you to save money on your energy bill, and provide outstanding levels of waste treatment. 

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