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Why You Need A Certified ATU Installer For Your Septic Project

If you’re planning on having an aerobic treatment unit (ATU) installed, it is critical that you work with a certified Orlando ATU company. Our ATU team shares their reasons why.

Aerobic treatment units are adaptable and efficient systems for wastewater treatment. As their name indicates, ATUs use compressed air to create an oxygenated environment within your septic tank that allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. This bacteria is essential for breaking down the solids and sludge layer in your ATU, which produces more purified effluent and a faster treatment process than traditional septic systems deliver. If you’re considering installing an ATU, we want to help you in the process of deciding who should perform the installation. Here, we share a few reasons why you should always contact a certified professional for your ATU installation.

Compliance With State And Local Regulations

The state of Florida has very specific requirements for ATU installation, operation, and maintenance. Certified ATU septic technicians are knowledgeable about compliance requirements and will be able to accurately perform installation, maintenance, and annual inspections.

The Florida Department of Health outlines the detailed ATU approval process on its website. While it may look like another language to the layperson, we are well-versed in regulatory lingo.

Contacting an Orlando ATU company with proper certification is a must for the installation and maintenance of your ATU.

A Certified ATU Installation Company Will Save You Money

Certified septic technicians know how to perform this job effectively and accurately. Malfunctioning or poorly maintained septic systems have the potential to create a number of problems, including:

  • Strong, foul odors
  • Pooling water in your yard
  • Drain field damage 
  • Backed-up sinks and toilets

Because of the advanced technology that ATUs use, there is a greater risk that someone who isn’t certified could incorrectly install it, costing you even more in the long run. Instead of taking the financial hit, protect your investment by contacting our certified Orlando ATU company to perform your installation and avoid unnecessary costs piling up.

Certified ATU Installers Benefit The Environment

Because they process human waste, septic systems carry the risk of exposing the environment to unsafe bacteria and pathogens. If a septic system is improperly installed, there is a chance that untreated wastewater could be released into the environment, contaminating natural and public water sources.
Not only will you potentially face monetary fines, but a situation like this could result in serious illness to wildlife and people in the community.

Maintenance For ATUs Vs. Traditional Septic Systems

When compared to traditional septic tanks, ATUs have several qualities that anaerobic systems do not. Though these differences add to the value of the ATU, it also means that maintenance will need to be performed only by trained and certified technicians. Here are a few key differences between traditional septic systems and ATU maintenance:

Pumping – It is advised that traditional septic systems are pumped every 3-5 years, but ATUs are generally required to be serviced once per year.

Effluent quality checks – The quality of the treated wastewater (effluent) is generally monitored more closely in ATUs than in traditional septic systems.
One reason for this is that ATUs rely on aerobic bacteria and produce higher levels of oxygen than traditional septic tanks. If too much oxygen is being released by your ATU, this could create an environmental concern.

Technology in ATUs – ATUs are equipped with advanced technology such as alarms and control panels. These features exist so that owners are promptly alerted about any system malfunction within the ATU.

Nutrient removal – Many ATUs are capable of being set to perform their own removal of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. This is another feature, along with effluent quality checks, that improves the environmental impact of ATUs. This feature is not as common in traditional septic systems.

Professionals Are Trained To Provide The Best Service Orlando ATU company

Experience goes a long way when it comes to rendering any service, and ATU installation is no different. The more experience a company has in handling the components of a septic system, the more likely it is to complete the job with expertise and efficiency.

Our Orlando ATU company has over 30 years of experience in the field of septic installation and can deliver expert service to you.

Professionals can answer any questions you may have about septic care, such as what should or should not be flushed down your toilet, or what signs to look for that indicate you need emergency septic care.

Contact An ATU Company You Can Rely On

Whether you’re having an installation performed, requesting maintenance, or have just moved into a new home with an ATU, you need a certified ATU company on your side.

Contact our Orlando ATU company at Acme to schedule your installation, maintenance, or any other septic-related service today!


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