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Don’t Get Fined! Use Acme As Your ATU Maintenance Entity

Partnering with a reliable and experienced ATU maintenance entity is one of the most effective steps you can take to avoid fines. Our Cocoa ATU maintenance team at Acme wants to help you keep your ATU in optimal condition and avoid paying extra. 

If you’ve recently purchased a home with an aerobic treatment unit (ATU), are preparing to have an ATU installed, or manage a business that has one, it is critical that you understand your local and state regulations concerning proper maintenance. The versatility and potential ecological benefits of ATUs make them some of the best wastewater treatment systems available, but they must be regularly serviced by a reliable ATU maintenance entity in order for you to keep your environment and community safe, and avoid fines. 

Our Cocoa ATU maintenance team wants to help you understand more about the possible consequences that could result from improper ATU maintenance.

Why Is Wastewater Treatment So Carefully Regulated?

Unhealthy levels of nitrates and phosphorus are a primary issue of concern related to wastewater treatment. When septic tanks malfunction because of improper maintenance, damage, or misuse, there is a high risk that wastewater could reach public and natural water sources. When this takes place, the amount of nitrates and phosphates that are released into water sources can reach toxic levels, resulting in serious public health and environmental problems. 

Florida’s Department of Health states that drinking water should have a maximum of 10-thousand micrograms of nitrates per liter. Anything more is deemed unsafe and calls for remedial action. 

How Are Unsafe Levels Of Pollution Detected?

Public and natural water sources are routinely tested for safety. During routine septic pumping and inspection, septic technicians test water quality and submit records to regulatory organizations such as the Florida Department of Health. 

If there are unsafe levels of any material in your ATU’s effluent, this is included in the report, and arrangements must be made to correct it. If there are damaged parts on your ATU that are preventing proper waste treatment to take place, these must be replaced. Your water will then be tested again to ensure that the problem is corrected and your ATU is back in working order. 

As long as you follow through with any measures needed to correct a problem with your ATU, you should be able to avoid penalties. 

Possible Violations

  • Environmental violations can result in fines if your ATU violates your city or state regulations concerning factors that impact the environment. 
  • Permit violations can come as a result of failing to obtain a permit or renew an expired permit.
  • Public health violations can come as a result of contamination that affects the community surrounding your ATU.
  • Repeat offenses can result from failure to comply with previous requests for compliance or repairs.
  • Emergency response costs are a result of emergency repairs that must be performed on a damaged or malfunctioning ATU.
  • Revocation of permits can take place if compliance with regulations is continually disregarded. Regulatory authorities may ultimately revoke permits that allow you to continue the use of your ATU. 
  • Legal action is the final step taken after failed compliance. 

What Are The Best Ways To Avoid Penalties And Fines?

Always Schedule Routine Septic Pumping

The number one way to avoid facing penalties or fines of any sort is to schedule a routine pumping appointment with our Cocoa ATU maintenance team. The required frequency of these appointments may vary depending on where you are located, so it is important that you check regulations for your area with your local Department of Health. 

The EPA advises that septic systems should be pumped once every 3-5 years. This number can change depending on the size of your ATU and the size of your household. If you need a little help remembering to schedule your service appointments, there is good news: Acme is able to send you automated reminders for when your tank is due for a pump-out! 

Call A Professional To Regularly Inspect Your ATU

The EPA advises that septic systems should be inspected once every 1-3 years. However, in Florida, ATU maintenance and inspection is required twice per year

Regular inspection allows a Cocoa ATU maintenance professional to evaluate the health of your ATU, inform you if there are any necessary upgrades or replacements that must be made, and test the quality of the effluent. If you know you’re due for your inspection or need septic replacement or repairs, let Acme know. We will offer you efficient service and help you avoid fines associated with these problems.  

Follow State And Local Regulations For Permits 

Whether you’re installing an ATU for the first time or just moved into a home that has one, make sure that your operating permit is current. 

Other Ways You Can Care For Your ATU

Besides regular pumping and inspection, you can care for your ATU by never flushing items that don’t belong in the toilet. This includes:

  • Paper towels Cocoa ATU maintenance
  • Cat litter
  • Cigarette butts
  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine hygiene items 

If anything other than human waste and toilet paper go down the toilet, clogs can quickly develop and lead to a host of unpleasant problems. If these problems go unaddressed, damage to your septic system or drain field can result.

Make sure you know what signs to look for that indicate clogs and backups, or necessary repairs. 

Additionally, any landscaping choices that you make should not interfere with the operation or servicing of your ATU. Make sure you brush up on your septic knowledge before planting a new flower garden or constructing a shed. 

Protect Yourself, Your Community, And Your Wallet With Acme

Even though the consequences of improperly maintained ATUs may seem daunting, finding a reliable maintenance entity is not. 

Contact Acme today for expert Cocoa ATU maintenance services.

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