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Top Warning Signs You Need Sorrento Leach Field Repair

Do you know how to spot a potential leach field issue? Take these tips from our septic experts so you can avoid expensive Sorrento leach field repair.

You invested in a septic system because it is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and relatively maintenance-free. And the best way to keep it running smoothly is to be on the lookout for warning signs that you need Sorrento leach field repair. Here are the most common signs that you need our team from Acme to evaluate your septic system.

Soft, Squishy Ground

Unless you’ve had a soaking rain recently, the ground shouldn’t squish when you walk on it. Overly wet ground is warning sign number one that you could have a septic system problem. Your leach field is a series of tubes that takes wastewater from the septic tank to ground level. Waste is broken down by the bacteria in your septic tank and is then filtered through the leach field before percolating through the soil as groundwater. 

Even though water should be coming up from your leach field, it should not make your ground soft and squishy. Find out if you need Sorrento leach field repair by calling our team of septic system technicians at Acme. We can locate the problem and offer a free estimate on any repairs that are needed.

Bad Smells

If you notice a foul odor lingering above your drain field, you know something is wrong. The way a septic system should work is that the odors are trapped inside the tank and leach field so no foul odors can escape. You may have a leak and need Sorrento leach field repair if your septic system starts to stink.

Sinks Draining SlowlySorrento leach field repair

Another red flag indicating that you may have a problem with your leach field is slow-draining sinks. This could mean you have a clog somewhere in your system and you need professionals to clear it. It could also mean your tank is full and needs maintenance.

Staying on a regular schedule with a Sorrento leach field repair company like Acme will help keep your sinks flowing and your toilets flushing. When you stay ahead of an issue, it is less likely to become a problem.

Suspiciously Green Grass

We all want our lawns to be green and lush but if you notice that the area of grass above your leach field is especially healthy-looking, it could mean you have a problem. In this case, your “yard of the month” Bermuda is likely caused by a sewage leak. Time to call us in for a free estimate on your Sorrento leach field repair.

How Can You Avoid Repairs?

The best way to keep your septic system working well is to get on a schedule for regular maintenance. This involves pumping and cleaning your tank as well as checking your leach field for any signs of damage. 

Another best practice for the health of your septic system is being very careful about what you put into your system. Knowing what you can and cannot wash down the sink or flush down the toilet will go a long way in keeping our repair techs away. Here are some dos and don’ts for your septic system:

DO flush water and human waste

DON’T flush wipes or feminine hygiene products

DO wipe off your dishes, pots, and pans before washing them

DON’T put food or anything that’s not biodegradable down the drain

We hope that you don’t need our Sorrento leach field repair services but when you do have a problem, we hope you’ll contact us. We can clean, repair, or replace your septic system so your life can get back to normal.

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