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3 Issues That Can Be Fixed With Oviedo Septic Tank Repair

Living with a septic system is usually worry-free. Occasionally, however, you may need Oviedo septic tank repair. Look for these issues then call us if you see them.

If you have a septic tank, you know the rules:

  • Only flush water and human waste.
  • Don’t put grease down the drain.
  • Follow a routine maintenance schedule.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page for more quick tips on how to be septic smart.

It is possible to have an issue now and then, even when you follow these septic tank guidelines. The issues we will discuss below deal with odor, wet ground, and slow drains. All of these can be signs that you need to call in a professional Oviedo septic tank repair technician from Acme right away.

Foul Odor

If you step outside and smell the familiar aroma of sewage, something is very wrong. Your septic tank should not have a foul odor. If it starts to smell, you may have a leak in your septic tank or drain field. Your septic tank might also be full and overflowing. When solids aren’t able to break down properly, you’ll experience bad odors.

You may think that using additives will help eliminate odor but don’t do it. Additives can disrupt the natural bacteria in your septic tank, and solids won’t break down properly. If solids sit in your septic tank, you could have an even worse odor problem on your hands.

Squishy Groundoviedo septic tank repair

Even though there is water in your septic tank and flowing through your drain field, the water should stay contained. If your ground is squishy or you notice standing water, you likely have a leak. Before the issue gets any worse, call our Oviedo septic tank repair team right away to have a look.

Oftentimes, we can locate the problem, perform a repair, and get your septic system functioning again in no time.

Slow Drains

When it’s taking more than one or two flushes to clear your toilet, or you notice water backing up into your sinks and bathtubs, you have a problem. The solution could be Oviedo septic tank repair. 

Slow drains and sluggish toilets can be an indication of a clog in your septic system. When water is not freely flowing from your pipes into your septic tank and through your drain field, it slows down and can cause backups.

When our septic system technicians inspect your septic tank, we will look for signs of clogs and clear them out. It may be time for a cleaning as well. Even if you’re on a regular cleaning schedule, if your water usage increases, you could need to bump up your septic tank cleanings so that they occur more often.

What Causes Septic Tank Issues?

As mentioned above, increased water usage can put a strain on your septic system. If you have recently built another bathroom onto your home, that will put more water into your system. If you’ve added a family member to your home, that can put additional water into the septic system. 

Perhaps someone in your home is not following the septic system rules and has been putting oil down the drain, or your toddler is in his “flushing random things down the toilet phase.”

Regardless of the reason, it’s smart to get us to take a look at your septic system if you see (or smell) any of the above issues. Our Oviedo septic tank repair team can assess the situation and give you a free estimate of repair costs.

Contact us today to set up a visit. We’d be happy to evaluate your septic system, perform any repairs you may need, then get you set up on a regular cleaning schedule.

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