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DeLand leach field

How Long Does A DeLand Leach Field Last?

When property owners inquire about a DeLand leach field, one of the questions that gets asked most often is, “How long can I expect it to last?” If properly maintained, a leach field can last quite a long time.

DeLand leach field

The Lifespan Of A DeLand Leach Field

If you are considering installing a septic system, the first step in the process is a site survey inspection. A DeLand leach field inspection gives us a better idea of how we will need to install a septic tank and leach field (also called a drain field) on your property. Because no two septic systems are the same, it’s crucial that your system is tailored to your particular property. 

Customizing Your Drain Field 

Customizing your drain field to suit your needs will extend the life expectancy of the system. The lifespan of your DeLand leach field depends on three main things:

1) The size of the drain field.

2) How frequently it will be used.

3) And how fast water moves through the soil.

A large, properly maintained drain field can last up to 50 years or longer.

Why Did My Drain Field Fail?

There are a few reasons a DeLand leach field might fail – the main one being that it was improperly installed. At Acme Environmental Services, we have over 30 years of experience installing septic tank systems. We make it our mission to install your drain field correctly so that your yard doesn’t end up like that scene in the movie “Meet the Parents.” Yikes!

Other reasons why your leach field might fail are:

  • Age – if you just moved to a new property, it’s important that you know how old the drain field is. If it’s getting up there in years, call a professional to come out and inspect the condition. 
  • Maintenance – if a DeLand leach field hasn’t been properly maintained, it can lead to failure. We recommend scheduling a septic cleaning every one to three years.
  • Damage – natural disasters such as tornadoes or earthquakes can cause extensive damage to your leach field. Even excess weight on the pipes can cause damage. Be sure you know where your drain field is located and avoid parking, driving, and building around that area.

DeLand leach field If you’re looking for a pro to install a DeLand leach field, we’ve got your back! Our top priority is keeping your septic system functioning in top condition throughout its lifetime. Our high-quality repair, cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services have helped many customers across the Central Florida area. Contact us today for an appointment and a free estimate.


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