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Cocoa Beach Septic Tank Repair: 3 Signs You Need One

Septic systems can easily be the superheroes of sewage systems. However, like all superheroes, septic systems have an Achilles heel too! Here are three signs you need a Cocoa Beach septic tank repair.

Not every sign of repair is obvious, but in the case of a Cocoa Beach septic tank repair, most of the warning signs are fairly noticeable. 

You’ll mostly rely on your sense of sight and smell to notice them, but once you do, you should contact us for your Cocoa Beach septic tank repair.  Here are three clear signs you should reach out to us for help today!

#1 Water Is Pooling Up In Your Yard

Have you noticed a pool of water above or near your drain field that shouldn’t be there? It’s been a few days and you definitely weren’t trying to build a pool in your yard. If this sounds like your lawn, then this is a sure sign that you should contact us to see if your septic tank needs a repair

Cocoa Beach Septic Tank Repair #2 It Doesn’t Smell Like Roses Anymore

Okay, so your yard may not have ever smelled like roses, but what you’re smelling now certainly isn’t what your yard has ever smelled like. If there’s a foul odor coming from your lawn, your septic tank may be letting you know that it needs attention. 

#3 Your Sewage Drains & Pipes Are Pretty Slow

Food, hair, waste, you name it and your septic system has likely processed it. As time passes, you can’t expect your septic system to drain like a spring chicken; it can quickly become overworked and require a Cocoa Beach septic tank repair. Slow drains and sewage backup tell us that your septic tank might be getting too full. If you’ve tried using a plunger to solve this problem with no luck, it could be bigger than a plumbing problem. 

If you have noticed one or all three of these Cocoa Beach septic repair signs, be sure to call us and let us know what’s going on so that we can provide you with a solution to this septic concern. 

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