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How Often Should You Have Your ATU Septic System Pumped Out?

Aerobic treatment units are septic systems that use advanced technology for more efficient waste treatment. Do ATUs require more maintenance than a traditional septic system? Our Apopka septic pumping team shares more about this topic with you today!  

The EPA advises pump-outs for traditional septic systems every 3-5 years. Aerobic treatment units, or ATUs, often require fewer pump-outs but require professional maintenance at least once every year. While scheduling and paying for yearly maintenance instead of once every few years may seem like a potential drawback, these septic systems provide many benefits that balance out the need for more frequent maintenance. Here, our Apopka septic pumping team explains further.

What Does ATU Maintenance Accomplish?

Apopka septic pumping is one of the most effective ways to maintain your ATU. Septic pumping removes the liquid and solid waste that naturally builds up in septic tanks and transports it to a designated location for further treatment. Without annual maintenance and pump-outs, your ATU may begin to develop and contribute to some of the following problems: 

  • More frequent clogs
  • Plumbing backups
  • Pooling water in your yard
  • Damage to your drain field 

Along with these signs of poor ATU maintenance, missed pump-outs, inspections, and other methods of septic care increase the risk of damage to your septic tank and other parts of your property. 

While the EPA makes a general recommendation of yearly pump outs and maintenance, requirements can vary depending on a few different factors, including:

  • The type and size of your septic tank
  • The manufacturer’s instructions
  • Local health department regulations
  • Your soil type  

Check with your local Department of Health to know exactly how often your ATU should receive service. 

Environmental Benefits Of Servicing Your ATU Apopka septic pumping

Another advantage of owning an ATU is reduced harm to the environment, including public and natural water sources. ATUs contribute to a healthier environment by: 

  • Producing cleaner effluent than traditional septic systems
  • Potentially releasing less nitrogen 
  • Producing effluent that is easier for soil to reabsorb
  • Their increased energy efficiency compared to traditional septic systems
  • Having a longer lifespan than traditional septic systems

Your ATU’s ability to provide these benefits depends on whether or not it receives regular maintenance, including pump-outs, from a professional Apopka septic pumping company.

Financial Benefits Of Servicing Your ATU

Even though the initial cost of installing an ATU may be more than what you would spend on a traditional septic system, ATUs have the potential to save homeowners money over time by:

  • Reducing your water bill
  • Helping you avoid fines that may come as a result of environmental compliance violations
  • Increasing your property value

ATUs also reduce the amount of biological material that enters your drain field. This factor reduces the burden of labor placed on your drain field and potentially extends its life. Repairing or replacing a drain field can be a substantial expense, so upgrading to an ATU is a helpful choice if you want to avoid paying extra.

Overall, ATUs can potentially improve their owners’ experience with septic systems in many ways, including their energy efficiency and advanced technology. However, ATUs can only continue to deliver these advantages if they receive regular inspections, maintenance, and pump-outs. 

Don’t DIY ATU Repairs Or Maintenance

While DIY projects can be exciting, maintaining your septic system is one job we don’t recommend attempting alone. ATUs should only receive service from a professional Apopka septic pumping company with the training and certification to perform the task. 

Attempting to repair or pump out your ATU on your own can result in even further damage, improper disposal of septic waste, personal injury, and more. Don’t take the risk of any of these things happening to you! If you’re due for your ATU service appointment, call Acme.

Contact Acme For ATU Septic Pumping And Maintenance Needs

Whether you are installing a new ATU, or you already own one, contact our Apopka septic pumping company for your ATU pump-outs or any other maintenance needs. 

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