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5 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask About Oviedo Septic Pumping

Oviedo septic pumping can be a stinky situation. But if you have questions, we have answers. 

When you’re faced with a new system of any kind, it can be daunting. Remember the last time you got a new phone? The learning curve is steep and sometimes you’re afraid to ask questions because you’re either not sure you’ll understand the answers, or you’re afraid you won’t like the answers. Maybe you’ve heard some myths about septic systems and you’re not sure what’s the truth.

At Acme Environmental Services, we welcome questions. We know that septic systems can be complicated to understand so we like to keep an open line of communication with our customers. Here are some questions about Oviedo septic pumping that you may have been afraid to ask.

What’s Involved In Septic Pumping?

Are you curious how the sausage is made? You’ve come to the right place. When our technicians arrive at your home, we will remove the lid to your septic tank and run a hose from our truck to your tank. We will then pump out the entirety of its contents. When the tank is empty, we’ll clear the drain field lines and clean your filters. 

Once we give your system a once-over to make sure all the intakes are clear and working properly, we may ask you to flush your toilet to see that everything is flowing as it should. Then we’ll close the lid and be on our way.

Will It Stink During My Oviedo Septic Pumping?

Honestly, yes, there may be a foul odor during your pumping because when the lid is removed, the odors from the waste in your tank are exposed to the air. You may want to keep your windows closed and stay indoors while we perform your service.

The good news is that once the lid is back on, the odor should be contained in your system. If you ever notice a foul odor between pumpings, you should have us inspect your system to see if you have a leak.

How Long Can I Go Between Cleanings?Oviedo septic pumping

The EPA recommends that you have your septic tank cleaned every three to five years. That’s a good guide, but we can let you know about your particular system when we inspect it. The frequency of cleanings depends on a few factors:

  • Size of your tank
  • Household occupancy
  • Water usage

If you have a larger tank and only two people live in your house (empty-nesters, for example), you may be able to go longer between cleanings. If your daughter and her kids just moved in with you, you’ll be putting more water into your system and you may have to shorten the time between cleanings. Just give us a call to discuss your situation and we can put you on a cleaning schedule that fits your needs.

Do Additives Help My Tank Go Longer Between Cleanings?

You may have heard that putting additives in your septic tank can help with waste breakdown and can help you go longer between cleanings. Don’t do it! The way a septic tank works is the naturally-occurring bacteria breaks down the waste without having to add anything. Introducing additives, even if they are natural, can interfere with the bacteria and can actually cause your waste to break down slower.

Just leave it alone and let it do its thing. We’ll come out to your house on your regular schedule to perform your Oviedo septic pumping, and your system should continue to operate worry-free.

Does Acme Handle All Septic Maintenance?

Absolutely, we do! Not only can we clean your septic tank, but we can also make repairs to your system, replace your septic pump, and perform drain field repair too. Anything you need for your septic system Acme can provide. Contact us today to set up a cleaning schedule or if you have any questions about your septic system (even the ones you’re afraid to ask).

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