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Myths Busted: The Truth About Merritt Island Septic Pumping

If you are looking into servicing your septic tank, it’s possible that you’ve received both good and bad information from your research. Our team at Acme Environmental Services is here to demystify what you may have heard about your Merritt Island septic pumping! 

Myth #1: Septic Pumping Is Unnecessary

Pumping your septic system is a very important part of providing septic care. You should have your septic system pumped once every few years to avoid clogs, backups, and any other damages to your septic system. If you do not schedule regular pumping appointments, any one of these problems can occur, resulting in a much more expensive repair in the future. 

Myth #2: It Is Less Expensive To Pump Your Septic System Yourself

While it is technically possible to pump your septic system on your own, it is not recommended by trusted experts. Even though you may have the cost in mind when you attempt to turn septic pumping into a DIY project, hiring a trained professional will help you avoid any mistakes that you may make in the process. If you end up damaging part of your septic system, failing to identify a damaged or faulty part, or improperly disposing of the waste, the cost will be far more than if you were to hire someone trained and certified to handle this project. 

Attempting to pump your septic system alone could also result in injury, which is another risk not worth taking. Make sure to contact a reliable and experienced expert from Acme to handle this process.

Myth #3: You Can Flush Or Dump Anything Down Your Drains Merritt Island Septic Pumping

You may have heard that it will not cause any problems to use your toilet to dispose of items such as baby wipes, cat litter, or solid food products. While flushing these items once or twice may not cause any immediate damage, believing the myth that it is safe to use your toilet or drains in the disposal of these items will ultimately clog your septic system. Some other objects that should not be flushed down the toilet include:

  • Hair
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Trash of any sort
  • Medications 
  • Cigarettes
  • Diapers
  • Paper towels

Additionally, you should not pour grease or chemicals down the drains in your home. Grease solidifies when it cools and can cause serious clogs in your septic system, and chemicals can harm the components of your septic system, and the environment, as well. 

Myth #4: You Can Landscape Wherever You Would Like After Your Septic Tank Is Installed

Believing this myth could adversely affect your septic system in a few ways. One way is that plants and trees can make it more challenging for an Acme team member to access your septic tank for your Merritt Island septic pumping.

The landscaping in your yard could also cause septic issues if the roots grow far enough to come in contact with your septic system. If this ends up happening, the roots from trees are actually strong enough to cause damage, which may even result in your septic system needing to be replaced. 

Thankfully, there are septic-friendly options for landscaping. Some plants and trees can even help create a more ideal environment for a septic system by helping to maintain proper levels of moisture and prevent erosion. 

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Don’t believe any of these septic care myths! You can trust Acme to clear up any confusion about these septic topics. Check out this five-star review from one customer:

“I had a short notice situation where I needed to have my septic tank system removed and replaced due to tenants living on the premises. Acme Environmental Services came out the day I called, provided a very reasonable estimate, and scheduled a survey that same day. Once the survey was completed, Acme was on site the next morning starting the project. All Work was completed ahead of schedule and the property was landscape ready at completion. Also, the job was completed for the exact estimated cost previously agreed to. You will not find a more reliable or professional environmental services company in Central Florida than Acme Environmental Services.” 

-Joe L. 

Avoid unnecessary stress and contact Acme for your Merritt Island septic pumping appointment today. 

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