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Winter Garden Septic System Service: 3 Misconceptions, Debunked

With the rapid advances in technology combined with word of mouth, information can now spread instantly reaching larger audiences regardless of its validity. There have been many misconceptions about septic systems because of this. Here are some of the most common Winter Garden septic system service misconceptions, debunked! 

A Septic System Requires Additives To Function Properly 

Many people assume that septic systems need additives to help the system run smoothly. However, most studies show that although additives are not directly harmful to the environment, they don’t boast any significant advantages to the septic system. 

Additionally, according to the Washington State Health Department, most additives don’t have a positive impact on on-site systems. But they can contaminate groundwater aquifers and render septic drainfields dysfunctional, causing costly repairs to homeowners. 

Winter Garden Septic System Service

Never Dispose Of Food In The Garbage Disposal 

This is also one of the common Winter Garden septic system service misconceptions. Your septic tank can handle small bits of food from normal use of a garbage disposal, as its ecosystem and bacteria are capable of breaking down the food. 

However, you do need to watch out for grease. Grease has the potential to solidify in your pipes before it reaches your septic system. It will eventually float its way to the drainfield and clog the soil, leading to a drainfield failure–an extremely costly problem to fix! We suggest scheduling grease trap maintenance every three months. 

After Installation, A Septic Tank Needs Zero Maintenance 

It is true that the biological processes and gravity flows of septic systems make them very easy to maintain with little help from you. Also, being buried underground can make them very easy to forget. While you don’t need to take any direct action to maintain the system, we highly recommend scheduling a septic tank cleaning every three to five years to clean out any buildup and bacteria on the inside. 

Now that we’ve cleared up three of the most common Winter Garden septic system service misconceptions, we hope you have a better understanding of how the systems work so you can take care of them properly. If you have any other questions about septic systems, contact us today! With over 35 years of experience in this industry, Acme Environmental Services is dedicated to providing the best Winter Garden septic system services in our area.

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