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3 Reasons You May Need A Winter Garden Grease Trap Service

As a Winter Garden grease trap service provider, our role is to ensure our customers’ systems are kept in tip-top condition. Here are a couple of signs your grease trap might need some professional help.


1. Foul Smell

If your grease trap needs some TLC, you’ll be able to smell it! A grease trap’s job is to collect fats, oils, and grease in its tank which, over time, can begin to decompose and smell like something is rotting. Even if your interceptor is underground, the smell can worsen if left untreated. Use your senses to determine if you need to call in a Winter Garden grease trap service.

Winter Garden Grease Trap Service 2. Blockage In Drain System

If your grease interceptor is working properly, it will separate grease from entering your tank and capture solid food waste below the tank. However, if your tank isn’t inspected and cleaned on a consistent basis, waste will pile up and begin to flow down the wrong pipe (AKA, your sewer system). This will cause severe blockage in the pipeline, which is not a problem you want to have due to the financial burden it could put on your grease trap.

3. Tank Replacement

When food waste, fats, oils, and grease get trapped in your system, they begin to produce chemical compounds that are harmful to your grease trap. If left unattended and uncleaned, these chemicals have been known to damage the steel and the walls of the interceptor, which requires immediate replacement. These replacements are not cheap, so if we have any piece of advice, it would be to contact a grease trap service before you reach this point!

Contact Us Today To Be Your Winter Garden Grease Trap Service Provider

If any of the above issues have arisen, the time is now to call us to save the day (and your grease trap). As a Winter Garden grease trap service provider, it’s our job to inspect and resolve these concerns before they turn into problems. Contact us today to schedule an inspection! Or if you need a grease trap installed, we do that too!

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