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New Service Alert – Acme Can Now Install Your Grease Trap

If you’re in the food-service industry, you know the value of a grease trap. We have some exciting news – Acme has added Orlando grease trap installation to their list of available services!

If your commercial kitchen doesn’t already have a grease trap or you need a replacement, you can’t afford to wait – give Acme a call for your installation appointment today. 

What Is A Grease Trap?

A grease trap, or grease interceptor, is a box-shaped plumbing device that is required for commercial kitchens. Grease traps intercept fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) that run down the drain of your sink. If you previously thought that your kitchen was just fine without one, Acme is here to dispel that myth for you! 

What Can Happen If You Don’t Have A Grease Trap In Your Commercial Kitchen?

Grease traps are a requirement for commercial kitchens, and with good reason. Without them, any FOGs that run down the drain will end up causing clogs and backups in your kitchen’s plumbing. The grease, having nowhere else to go, will work its way out of the pipes through whatever route possible: drains in the floor, other parts of the pipes, etc., creating a huge, slippery, smelly mess in your commercial kitchen. 

The messes and plumbing problems that are created by poor grease trap maintenance and malfunction could negatively impact the health of your business by creating an unpleasant dining experience for patrons.

Poor grease trap maintenance and malfunction also creates unsafe working environments that could result in your employees slipping and falling. According to OSHA, falls that take place on the job are the second-leading cause of workplace injuries. You might be groaning if this statistic brings back memories of those dull workplace safety meetings you were required to endure in the past, but ignoring this information and facing the aftermath of an injury is a lot more time-consuming and is far more stressful. 

The benefits of having a properly-maintained grease trap in your kitchen cannot be underestimated. If you don’t have one, or are due for repairs or replacement, you know to call our Orlando grease trap installation team today!   

Why You Need A Professional To Install Your Grease Trap

You should always have a professional install your kitchen’s grease trap. Without proper installation, your business could potentially:

  • Violate health and plumbing code violations
  • Receive fines and legal penalties
  • Receive reprimands and be subject to tighter regulatory measures from the Department of Health

It is vital to have someone who is certified to install grease traps perform this task. This ensures that your commercial kitchen is in compliance with all of your region’s workplace safety, public health, and environmental regulations. 

Our team of professionals is trained and certified in Orlando grease trap installation. We can be relied upon to:

  • Correctly fit your grease trap according to the size of your kitchen
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of plumbing networks and how a grease trap should be installed 
  • Help you learn more about grease trap maintenance schedules and how to properly care for the device 
  • Be familiar with all state and local regulations that are necessary to keep your kitchen compliant

Other Ways To Care For Your Grease Trap

Maintain regular inspection and cleaning appointments. The state of Florida requires that grease traps in food service establishments must be inspected and pumped at least every 90 days. 

Grease trap inspection performed by a certified inspector ensures that any wear or damage to your grease trap is identified and repaired in a timely manner, municipal sewer lines are not contaminated, and your establishment remains in compliance with local plumbing and health code regulations. Orlando grease trap installation

Educate your kitchen staff on the benefits of grease traps and what dos and don’ts apply. You might be surprised to find that your employees have a few grease trap FAQs of their own. 

Contact our Orlando grease trap installation team for your routine grease trap cleaning appointments. This step will prevent your grease trap from becoming overfilled and creating that nasty, smelly, and potentially unsafe environment that was discussed earlier. 

Don’t Wash Your Money Down The Kitchen Sink! Call Acme For Help 

Installing and maintaining a grease trap will ultimately save you more money, create a safer workplace, and improve the efficiency of your commercial kitchen. If you don’t already have one – don’t wait any longer! 

Contact Acme today to schedule your Orlando grease trap installation.

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