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How Our Sanford Grease Trap Cleaning Services Can Help Your Business

Sanford grease trap cleaning services Sanford grease trap cleaning services are an important part of grease trap maintenance. Our experienced technicians are here to ensure that your grease trap is fully operational and keeping your drain system clear.

Did you catch the weather this morning? The meteorologist was calling for cool temperatures and lots of fog. Oh wait, you wanted to talk about Sanford grease trap cleaning services? Well in that case, we’re still on topic! With any grease trap you’re going to be seeing plenty of FOG: that’s Fats, Oils, and Grease. And if we’re being honest, you’re not too interested in going out and cleaning your own grease trap. So that’s why you should let one of our service professionals do it for you.

Sanford grease trap cleaning services are an important part of owning any business that produces oil from food preparation. So whether you’re running a restaurant, or have a commercial kitchen, we’re here to keep your grease trap from getting a little too “foggy”. And we promise we’re done with the fog puns too.

What does a grease trap do?

During food preparation, a lot of grease ends up going down the drain. When high-viscosity fats and cooking greases cool, they solidify, which can spell disaster for any septic tank or sewer system. Thankfully we have grease traps, which are plumbing fixtures built to catch all of that food waste.

A passive grease trap sits above ground, while a grease interceptor is typically larger and is installed underground outside the building that it serves. Kitchen wastewater enters the grease trap from sink or dishwasher drains, and as the water cools, any food solids sink to the bottom, while the FOG floats to the surface. The grease trap then retains any of the food matter and grease, while the wastewater is allowed to flow out into the septic tank or sewer system.

Grease traps have been around since the late 1800’s, and businesses are typically required by local laws and ordinances to get them cleaned regularly.

What are Sanford grease trap cleaning services?

It’s recommended that grease traps should be pumped and cleaned at least every three months. But many higher-volume food service establishments should get them cleaned more often, sometimes even once a month.

During grease trap maintenance, the service technicians from ACME Environmental Services use a pump to drain the trap, and then scrape out any stuck FOG. If your technician notices that the levels of accumulated FOG are over 25% of the grease trap capacity, they may recommend that you increase the frequency of your cleanings.

Sanford grease trap cleaning services are an important aspect of any drain system. Some other healthy habits for your grease trap include:

  • Training employees to empty food from dishes before putting them in a sink or dishwasher Sanford grease trap cleaning services
  • Keeping a maintenance log
  • Ensuring that your grease trap capacity is right for your business

For all your grease trap maintenance needs, contact ACME Environmental Services today! We have helped Central Florida businesses for over 25 years, and would be happy to add you to our regular maintenance calendar.

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