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3 Common Misconceptions About Orlando Septic Pumping

We often hear misconceptions regarding Orlando septic pumping that aren’t exactly true. We’re debunking three of these misconceptions below.

“You Can Put Anything Down The Toilet As Long As It’ll Flush” 

Although this sounds like it could technically be true, your septic system would disagree. Flushing whatever you want down the toilet or the drain can, and will, cause problems with your septic tank. Drain cleaners and disinfectants have a tendency to eliminate the microbes that help the sewage to digest, resulting in an increased chance of system failure. Plus, flushing anything other than toilet paper and sewage down the toilet could cause your system to need Orlando septic pumping. If you find that your system is overflowing or showing signs of concern, be sure to contact us today so we can get a professional out to your property as soon as possible. 

“Orlando Septic Pumping Is Usually Unnecessary”

In actuality, it would be in your septic tank’s best interest to invest in pump-outs every two to three years in order to maximize the life of your system. This is the most economically friendly way to ensure your system is in good shape in the near future. 

The common misconception that Orlando septic pumping is unnecessary usually comes from companies that sell septic additives. Their goal is for you to buy their products to help break down materials, however, they can’t break down all damaging materials that may be a threat to your septic tank’s health. Moral of the story: Pump-outs are your friend! 

“I Have No Choice But To Replace My Clogged Septic System”

Orlando Septic Pumping  While clogging can seem like a lost cause, many septic systems can be restored with a little bit of maintenance and pumping action. Whether your problem lies in the leaching bed or pipes, the problem can usually be solved without having to perform an expensive replacement. 

Our clients are overjoyed with the excellent service that our technicians provide, and they leave reviews sharing just how happy they are with us. Check out this review from JJ S:

“The whole team at ACME did an exceptional job with my demands on the yard and also the quality of work and effort into the septic system. They were able to navigate through obstacles and managed through them with professionalism and precise accuracy. Thanks so much. This is the second home we have used ACME for the new septic. I will use them again in my next home if necessary.”

For more information about Orlando septic pumping and the best practices, we suggest for maintaining your system, be sure to contact us today! We’d be happy to help you restore your system and ensure it’s in working condition moving forward.

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