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4 Reasons You Might Be Looking For Drain Field Repair Orlando

Your drain field is an important expense that requires tedious care to ensure it’s functioning properly. We’re sharing four reasons below that might be causing you to search for a ‘drain field repair Orlando.’


1. You’ve Found Water On Top Of Your Drain Field 

If you’re searching for a ‘drain field repair Orlando’ because you’ve found pooling water in your grass above your drain field, you’re moving in the right direction. Finding these soggy spots is a sure sign that something must be up with your drain field. Whether it’s a crushed pipe or a clog, we’ll get to the bottom of it to ensure your grass is no longer taking on the repercussions. 

2. Smelly Sewage Odor Coming From Drain Field 

If you walk outside and instantly smell sewage coming from your drain field, you may be in need of a repair. This smell can be a result of a clogged pipe or of bio-material passing into the field. Either way, these concerns could cause further damage to your system or become an environmental biohazard. It would be in your best interest to contact us today to send out one of our technicians for a professional opinion! 

3. Toilet & Drain Buildup 

While some drain problems could be a job for the plumber, they could also be much bigger than that by involving your drain field. If you’re experiencing issues flushing your toilet or using your disposal, there may be some blockage within your septic system or it could indicate that your tank is full. Both issues should be resolved in a timely manner to ensure they don’t back up the rest of your system. The last thing we would want to happen is sewage finding its way into your house, so if you’re experiencing this problem, fill out this form to contact!  

4. Suspiciously Greener Grass 

Drain Field Repair Orlando If you’ve recently noticed that your grass is greener and more vibrant than ever, it could actually mean you’re in the running for a ‘drain field repair Orlando.’ We’re sure this seems like a plus in many ways, but greener grass most likely means that your drain field is releasing excess raw waste. The nutrients from raw waste serve as a fertilizer for plants and grass, causing them to appear more green than ever. 

If your property is experiencing any of the four signs above, it may be time to call us for a ‘drain field repair Orlando.’ Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule your appointment! We’d be happy to send out a technician to determine the steps that need to be taken in order to maximize the life of your investment.

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