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Oviedo Septic Tank Installation

Oviedo Septic Tank Installation: What To Know Before Your Service

ACME Environmental Services makes your Oviedo septic tank installation simple and easy. But is there anything you need to know in order to prepare? We have the answers.


When it comes to Oviedo septic tank installation, we’re kind of a big deal. That’s because we’ve been providing top-notch septic services to the Eastern and Central Florida area for over 30 years. If you’re searching for septic companies for your latest project, give us a call


If you’re already preparing for your septic tank installation, here are some facts that will keep you informed about your new system and the installation process.


One: You’ll Be Glad You Called The Professionals

An Oviedo septic tank installation requires heavy equipment to excavate the area and fill it in once the tank has been installed. Unless you were looking forward to hours and hours of time spent digging a hole by yourself, you will want an experienced septic services company to handle the entire job. 


Additionally, there is more to a septic tank installation than simply getting the tank in the ground. The soil where the tank will go needs to pass a percolation test, which ensures that your soil has sufficient permeable substances (like gravel or sand) and complies to local and state regulations. 


Two: There Are Multiple Septic Tank Options To Choose From

Modern-day septic tanks are made with a few different materials: Oviedo Septic Tank Installation

  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass


A concrete tank is a durable option, but can be difficult to repair. They are also usually more expensive than plastic or fiberglass. Alternatively, a plastic tank is inexpensive, but they are more likely to be damaged. Fiberglass tanks are more costly, but more durable than plastic. We’ll discuss all of these options with you when we plan your Oviedo septic tank installation to ensure we make the best choice for your needs.


It’s Critical To Take Ongoing Care Of Your Septic Tank

You might think a septic tank is something you can install and forget about – it is underground, after all! But failing to properly care for your septic system can cause big problems down the road. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your septic system stays fully-functional.


Get regular maintenance: Having your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years will increase its life expectancy and reduce the chance of a system failure. Pumping clears away build-up and breaks down solids in your tank. 


Don’t dump grease down your drains: Cooking oils and grease can gather in your septic tank and cause clogs. Grease and oils should always be emptied into a container and thrown away in the trash.


Don’t flush anything but toilet paper and human waste: Trash, feminine products, cat litter, and other items won’t break down in your septic system and can lead to septic tank failure. 

When it comes to your Oviedo septic tank installation, ACME Environmental Services is the septic company for you. We’re licensed and insured, and have the knowledge and technology to keep your septic system running all year long. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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