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Grease Trap Myths Busted

If you are the owner or operator of a commercial kitchen, knowing proper grease trap care should be a number-one priority. Proper grease trap maintenance will keep your sewer system free of clogs, your kitchen safe, and your food production going. Our Melbourne grease trap service at Acme busts some commonly believed myths about grease traps. 

Myth: Grease Traps Are Not A Requirement In A Commercial Kitchen

Grease traps play a vital role in keeping the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that your kitchen produces from clogging your city’s sewer system and creating further environmental contamination. 

There are specific laws and regulations for grease trap maintenance to which commercial kitchens must adhere if they want to avoid fines and legal consequences and stay compliant. 

Our grease trap maintenance services are just the thing your kitchen needs to make sure you are up-to-date and ready to serve up some delicious food. 

Myth: Grease Traps Only Need To Be Cleaned When They Are Completely Full

If you previously believed this myth, it seriously needs some busting! The truth about grease trap cleaning is that they must be cleaned when they are 25% full. If the grease trap is allowed to fill higher than this level, the FOGs that are collected by the device begin to escape into pipes. This can cause problems such as clogs and backups in your kitchen.

When a serious clog or backup has occurred, grease will then begin to seek means of escape via the path of least resistance – up through your kitchen’s drains, pipes, and other openings it has access to. What a mess! Once this takes place, your grease trap will not only require professional attention, but you will have a safety hazard on your hands as well.  

The frequency at which your grease trap must be cleaned depends on the size of the grease trap and the amount of FOGs that are produced by your kitchen. Don’t try to handle this problem on your own – contact a professional Melbourne grease trap service to accomplish the job for you. 

Myth: Only You Will Know If The Grease Trap Needs To Be Cleaned

Unfortunately, a full grease trap will not be an easy secret to hide. When grease traps need to be serviced, powerful odors will begin to emanate from the grease trap, fill your kitchen, and eventually reach the dining area.

As you can imagine, if your dining room has a foul odor, it will affect your customers’ experience, and they’ll stop eating there. That’s bad for business! 

Stay on top of grease trap maintenance to keep the dining experience pleasant, keep your kitchen healthy, and ensure that people want to return. 

Myth: You Can Pour Oil Down The Drain When You Have A Grease Trap Melbourne grease trap service

Just because your establishment has a grease trap doesn’t mean that it doubles as a grease disposal unit. Grease traps are meant to intercept and prevent FOGs from entering the sewage system, but they would be overwhelmed if they were treated as a receptacle for any oils that needed to be discarded. 

Following this guideline and keeping as much FOG waste out of your drains as possible will keep your plumbing free from clogs, will keep your city’s municipal sewage system clear of contaminants, and will save you money on any potential repairs. 

Myth: The Amount Of Time Between Cleanings Will Not Affect The Life Of Your Grease Trap

Having your grease trap regularly cleaned is an important element of keeping your business running smoothly – it also helps keep clogs at bay and ensures that your grease trap lasts as long as possible. 

When your grease trap becomes too full, the FOGs that are trapped inside will produce a gas called sulphuric acid. This acid is produced through the breakdown of the FOGs and has the power to corrode the steel that your grease trap is made from. 

Grease traps often cost around $150-$200 for an inexpensive model. Larger commercial restaurants can invest up to $10,000 for a grease trap. Either way, replacing these devices is an expense that would best be avoided. Put those extra funds toward improving your customers’ experience or adding a new recipe to your menu. Don’t wash extra money down the drain with avoidable repairs and replacements! 

Myth: You Don’t Need A Professional To Maintain Your Grease Trap

Your kitchen’s service depends upon having a grease trap that works well. Putting off regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance or trying to clean it yourself will only result in further need for repair or replacement down the road. You need a professional from Acme to handle the dirty work for you! 

Contact our Melbourne grease trap service professionals for your appointment today!

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