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How Lake Mary Septic Tank Contractors Keep Your Home Odor-Free This Christmas

If you have a house full this Christmas, our Lake Mary septic tank contractors have some tips on keeping your septic system working through the new year.

If properly maintained, your septic system should not emit foul odors, but occasionally, bad smells can drift out of your septic tank and drain field and into the air around your home. It’s the nature of a waste container that the smells from the waste may venture up into the air. When you catch a whiff of waste, note these helpful hints from our Lake Mary septic tank contractors at Acme for a holiday that only smells like Christmas trees and fruit cake. 

Are You Following The Septic Rules?

You know the rules but do your guests know what they can and cannot flush or put down the kitchen sink? Remind them that these items need to go in the trash:

  • Food scraps
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Cigarette butts
  • Dental floss
  • Fruitcake (just kidding, we love fruitcake! But you probably shouldn’t try flushing one either.)

If you’ve determined that everyone is following the flush rules, your odors could be the result of one of the following issues.

Odors Inside Your House

  • Dry floor drain trap in the basement – Filling your drain trap with water occasionally will keep septic tank gasses from venting back into your house.
  • Loose cleanout access plug – You’ll need a licensed plumber or one of our Lake Mary septic tank contractors to clean the line and check the plug.
  • Clogged roof vent – When the vent gets clogged, gasses can’t escape and they get trapped in your house. These vents can also freeze when temps get low.

Odors Near The Septic Tank Or Leach Field Outside Your House

  • Loose manhole cover – Make sure all covers are secure, and there is no room for gas to seep out.
  • Leach field damage – Have us check for any cracks in your pipes.
  • Roots – When roots grow into your leach field network, they can damage the pipes. 
  • Vent pipe is too short – We can extend the length of your vent pipe to help the gasses exit your septic system farther away from your house.

Other Issues That Can Cause Odors Lake Mary septic tank contractors

  • Putting anything non-biodegradable down the drain – When solids can’t break down, they can rot and start to smell. 
  • Imbalanced pH level – The naturally-occurring bacteria in your septic tank break down the waste. If chemical additives are introduced into the septic tank, they can disrupt the process and keep solids from breaking down.
  • Do not pour oils, fats, coffee grounds, or cleaning products down your drains. These items can disrupt sewage breakdown and cause foul odors.

It’s Time For Your Septic Tank Cleaning

The most common reason that your septic system smells bad is that it’s time to have your septic tank cleaned. The recommended cleaning schedule is every three to five years, but at Acme, our Lake Mary septic tank contractors can help find the right schedule for your system. How often your tank gets pumped out depends on the size of your septic tank and the amount of water your household uses. 

During the holidays, if you have a large group of house guests, you may need to have us clean out your septic tank ahead of your regular schedule. The good news is we are here for you when you need any septic tank maintenance. Don’t be a Cousin Eddie – contact our Lake Mary septic tank contractors today to set up a septic inspection. At Acme, we wish you a happy and odor-free holiday season!

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