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Daytona Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Daytona Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning: Signs Yours May Need It

The EPA requires that your grease trap remain functional and clean. If you’ve been putting it off, here are a few signs it’s time to schedule your Daytona restaurant grease trap cleaning. 

What Your Grease Trap Is Used For

Your grease trap catches oil, grease, and sludge and separates them from the water that goes down your drain. This is very important because any of that going down your drain would be detrimental to your pipes. Daytona restaurant grease trap cleaning is essential to keeping things running smoothly. Maintenance is something that is recommended every 90 days, depending on the level of use. 

Sadly, maintenance often gets ignored. If you’re not sure when to clean, here are some common signs to look for.

It’s More Than ¼ Full

For safety and health reasons, the EPA mandates emptying your trap when it reaches 1/4 full. Beyond this point, it can lead to issues, primarily affecting your kitchen sink’s operation. If you find it’s 1/4 full or more, it’s time to call Acme.

Slow Drainage

Daytona Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

If water is draining slowly in your sink, it might be because your grease traps are getting full. Over time, fats and oils can harden in these traps. When they’re clogged up, water has trouble flowing through the drain, causing the sink to drain slowly. This is when it’s a good time to schedule your Daytona grease trap cleaning.

Bad Odor

When solid food waste, grease, fatty oils, and sludge accumulate and sit for a while, they can produce an unpleasant odor. As they mix and harden in your grease trap, they start to decay and emit foul smells. To steer clear of this unpleasant scenario, it’s wise to schedule regular cleanings.

Let Acme Do The Dirty Work For You

To prevent such problems in your kitchen, it’s essential to clean your grease trap regularly. If you own a restaurant, it’s your duty to maintain the grease trap, ensuring it functions properly by effectively removing oils, grease, and other sludge from the water.

Setting up a regular Daytona restaurant grease trap cleaning will ensure it never gets full, and that you stay in compliance with the EPA standards, as well as your utility company’s pre-treatment requirements. Call us for a free estimate to get started with regular maintenance on your grease traps! And if you don’t have a grease trap yet, Acme can install one for you!


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