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Top Four Reasons To Schedule Your Geneva Septic Services Today

If you’re the owner of a septic system, you want to do all you can to properly care for it. There are many helpful ways to accomplish this! Let our team at Acme share our top four reasons to schedule your Geneva septic services today. 

After your septic system was installed, you may have had to spend some time learning about how to best care for it. Maybe you’ve since come across possible myths about septic care that you’d like to investigate further. Even though it would be great for septic ownership to be a one-event experience, it’s important to give your septic system the attention it needs in order to avoid damage, backups, and swampy messes in your yard. There are some important points to consider that will help keep your Geneva septic system up and running for years to come. Let’s find out more about what you can do to make this happen. 

Reason #1: Septic Systems Need Routine Servicing

Even the highest quality and newest septic systems require cleaning and inspection over the course of their lifetime. Septic tanks naturally accumulate waste and buildup that can potentially clog the components of your septic system if they are not regularly serviced. The EPA recommends that septic tanks are pumped every 3-5 years. 

Regular pumping helps keep your system free of clogs and allows professionals to inspect and identify any other potential problems that could be going on inside your septic tank. Don’t skip this important part of septic care! 

Reason #2: Your Yard Is Unusually Green And Lush

What a pleasant surprise! You only used Miracle-Gro once over the last few months and now all of your neighbors are rushing to ask you what your secret is. Actually, the reason for your green grass may not be due to your expert lawn care, as exciting as that would be. 

When it comes to septic systems, the presence of unusually lush, green grass over your septic tank cover or drain field may be because your septic tank is in need of a cleaning or some other septic malfunction has occurred. These problems aren’t exactly fun to deal with, so our team at Acme is here to help. 

Here are some other signs that you should schedule your Geneva septic services with Acme today:

  • Foul smells coming from your septic tank 
  • Improperly working drains in your home
  • Swampy water pooling in your yard
  • Gurgling pipes
  • Odors around drains in your home

If you notice any of these signs in or around your home, the next thing you should do is call Acme!

Reason #3: Hiring A Professional Is The Safest Route Geneva Septic Services

The septic technicians at Acme are trained and certified to perform any of your Geneva septic services. Professionals have access to equipment such as pump trucks and high-power vacuums that are necessary for providing the highest-quality service for you. 

Our years of experience mean that you’ll receive your septic service from professionals with expert knowledge of each component of your septic system. 

You may love doing your home improvement and maintenance projects on your own, but servicing your septic system is a task that is always best left to the professionals. Attempting to turn your septic maintenance into a DIY project could cause you and the environment harm, could result in damage to your septic system, and could also result in you having to spend more money in the long run. It is much easier and safer for you to depend on the expertise and skill of a professional team for any of your septic services. 

Reason #4: Septic Inspection Will Keep Your Septic System In Great Shape

Septic inspections allow a professional to assess the interior of your septic tank. This includes examining the distribution box, pipes, inlet baffle, and other components. Inspectors will measure the sludge and scum levels in your septic tank, look for leaks, and check for any indication of damaged, missing, or malfunctioning parts. 

If there are parts that must be replaced in your septic system, a professional will be able to inform you right away. It’s always best to contact Acme to perform your Geneva septic services to make sure your septic system is safe, meets plumbing and building code requirements, and that no other potential problems are overlooked. 

Don’t Wait – Contact Us Today!

No matter what the reason for your septic service may be, Acme is here to help. Contact us today for one or more of our Geneva septic services. 

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