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Top 5 Signs You Need Drain Field Repair

Have you recently noticed any unexplained odors or pooling water in your yard? These are a few signs that you may be due for professional drain field repair from Acme. If you see one of these five signs, you know which DeLand septic company to call! 

The Top 5 Signs Your Drain Field Has Been Damaged

#1: Foul Odors 

If you walked outside this morning and noticed that there was an unpleasant odor floating around, it might be time to consider the health of your drain field. When drain fields are damaged, sewage can back up and emit odors throughout the air around them.

#2: Pooling Water 

Pooling water can be another indication of drain field damage. When a drain field is damaged, the water that normally flows through your septic system may be escaping through the damaged part of the system and rising to the surface of your yard. 

#3: Sewage Backups DeLand Septic Company

Sewage backups can happen for a number of reasons, including poor septic maintenance or even flushing non septic-friendly items down your toilet. If you’re experiencing backups in the drains or toilets in your home, this could indicate there is a problem with your drain field. 

#4: Lush, Green Grass Over Your Drain Field 

Normally, lush, green grass is something you want to see in your yard, but not when it means that your drain field is damaged! This sign of drain field damage results from excess water and raw sewage nutrients being released into the soil beneath your grass. While your grass loves this microbial feast, your septic system definitely doesn’t. If you notice unusually green grass over your drain field, it’s time to contact a professional DeLand septic company to investigate the underlying cause.

#5: Slow Drains

If you’ve noticed that the drains in your sinks and showers are draining more slowly than normal, it could mean that your drain field is clogged, damaged, or malfunctioning. We can fix your slow drains or any other septic drain field problems you have in a hurry. 

What Causes Drain Field Damage?

Knowing the most common ways that drain fields are damaged is just as important as being able to recognize the signs of damage. The more you know about risk factors that lead to drain field damage and malfunction, the more easily you will be able to prevent it! Here are a few of the most common ways that drain fields may become damaged:

Pressure from heavy vehicles or machinery – Drain fields are built to last – but that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. Drain fields are typically installed at a depth of about two to three feet beneath the ground’s surface, where they are able to take advantage of soil’s natural ability to filter out waste. However, it is important to never drive vehicles or heavy machinery over the site of your drain field. Doing so could cause direct damage, or other problems, such as soil compaction. 

Root systems – When your septic tank and drain field are installed, careful measures are taken to ensure that no surrounding trees, shrubbery, or any other structure that could cause harm to your drain field will interfere with its operation. Any root system will naturally seek moist environments where it can gain more nutrients to survive. Tree root systems, in particular, are persistent enough to push through the earth and puncture your drain field’s pipes if they get close enough. Make sure to follow landscaping guidelines for planting if you have a septic system. 

Improper or inconsistent maintenance – The EPA recommends that septic tanks be pumped once every 3-5 years, and inspected every 1-3 years. If you own a less traditional style of septic system, such as an ATU, more frequent maintenance appointments are recommended. While the environmental benefits and efficiency of ATUs make them worth the investment, they do require a little more attention to keep them functioning properly.  

Failing to maintain your septic system’s health is a great way to end up with a damaged or poorly-operating drain field. Make sure to contact a certified septic company to help you with any of your septic needs. It can mean the difference between a smoothly draining system and thousands of dollars in repairs.  

If you need help staying on track with your septic maintenance schedule, our DeLand septic company offers automated reminders via email or text message. 

The Best Way To Avoid A Damaged Drain Field? Get In Touch With Acme! 

No one wants to deal with drain field repairs, and if you’ve ever had drain field damage, you know what we mean. The best way to protect your investment and avoid drain field damage is to follow simple septic care instructions and keep your regular appointments with our professional DeLand septic company. 

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