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5 Little-Known Facts About Dr. Phillips Septic Tank Cleaning

You know that regular septic tank cleaning can help you avoid breakdowns. But do you know these little-known facts about Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning?

If you’re new to septic systems, there are a few things to learn. They are easy to maintain with some basic knowledge, and you have help at your fingertips with the professionals at Acme Environmental Services. Regular cleanings can keep your system free from excessive buildup and keep it running worry-free. 

5 Little-Known Facts About Septic Tank Cleaning

Everyone’s cleaning schedule is different. Your schedule is based on how much water your household uses and the size of your tank. If you start using more water, you’ll need your tank cleaned more often. Your Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning company can create a regular cleaning schedule and adjust that schedule if your usage changes.

You can’t flush just anything down the toilet. As mentioned above, bacteria in your septic tank break down the waste. When you introduce materials that cannot be broken down, it clogs up the system. Things you should never flush include:

  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Pet waste

Also, try not to dispose of cooking grease or food in your kitchen sink. These items won’t break down correctly and will cause your septic system to need a cleaning more often.

Drain cleaner can hurt your septic system. When your sink gets clogged, it’s tempting to grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner, like Drano, to clear the clog. If you have a septic system, however, these chemicals will interfere with the bacteria balance. When you get a clog, you might need a professional cleaning.

Additives are unnecessary. Some companies suggest adding chemical or organic supplements to aid in waste breakdown. These additives aren’t necessary and will likely just affect your bacteria level negatively, making it harder for waste to break down.

Get your system cleaned regularly. If you don’t stick to a cleaning schedule, you could have flooding issues. Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning Waste water can back up into your yard, your toilets, and even your sinks. Yuck! Get your Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning company to help you create a regular cleaning schedule, then stick to it. Regular pumping and cleaning will keep your system running smoothly for years. 

If you see these signs, it’s time to contact a Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning crew:

Standing water

If you see water standing in your yard, it can mean your tank is full and water is overflowing from your tank. It can also mean there is a problem with your drain field. Either way, standing water above your septic tank means you probably need to have your system pumped and cleaned.


Septic tanks should not have a foul odor. The bacteria in the system breaks down waste, eliminating the smell. If you notice a bad odor, the bacteria level is likely unbalanced. You need to contact the professionals at our Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning company for assistance.

Your home’s septic system should last for decades with proper care. And keeping these facts in mind will give you the knowledge you need to keep your system in tip-top shape. These systems really are easy to maintain if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Stick to a cleaning schedule
  • Don’t flush your junk
  • Don’t add anything but human waste and toilet paper
  • Call in the professionals when you see a problem

That’s it. That’s all you need to remember to have a worry-free septic tank for decades. Contact the Dr. Phillips septic tank cleaning professionals today to get a free estimate. We can evaluate your system and recommend a cleaning schedule that will keep things running smoothly.

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