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Debunked: 6 Myths About Melbourne Septic Tank Pumping

Maintaining your septic tank is relatively straightforward with a bit of knowledge of how it works. But don’t believe these myths about Melbourne septic tank pumping.

What do you know about your septic tank? Do you know how often it should be pumped out? Have you heard any advice that sounds questionable? If you’re wondering if what you’ve heard about septic tank best practices is true, you should ask the experts. At Acme, we have been installing and servicing septic tanks for over 25 years, so we’ve heard it all. Here’s a list of some of the myths we’ve been told over the years.

Myth #1: Septic tanks don’t need maintenance

While septic systems don’t require a great deal of maintenance, you need to have them serviced regularly. We follow the EPA’s recommendation to have your tank pumped every three to five years. Scheduling your Melbourne septic tank pumping service with Acme is a smart way to keep your system running for decades.

Myth #2: You can put anything down the drain Melbourne septic tank pumping

You’re wrong if you think you can flush anything down the toilet or put whatever you want down the drain. Only water and human waste should go into a septic tank. Anything else can clog your system or cause the bacteria to become unbalanced. Here’s a brief list of what you should never put down your toilet or drain:

  • Medicine
  • Flushable wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Diapers
  • Laundry detergent
  • Coffee grounds
  • Dental floss

Myth #3: Additives reduce the need for pumping

You may have heard that introducing additives to your system will help it work better and lessen the need for pumping. The truth is that your system contains bacteria that breaks down the waste without the need for extra additives. Putting biological or chemical additives into your system can cause the bacteria to become unbalanced, which could keep your waste from being broken down effectively.

Myth #4: Septic tanks only last 20 years

Many septic tank systems last for much longer than two decades. The ones that last the longest are the ones that are cleaned and pumped regularly. Scheduling your Melbourne septic tank pumping will keep your system running for years.

Myth #5: You must pump your tank when it gets full

While it’s true that you need to pump your septic tank system regularly, it’s not because it’s full. What you need to pump out is the waste. A healthy system is almost always full of water. After your system is pumped, it will be full again in a matter of days. Melbourne septic tank pumping on a regular schedule will keep your system functioning properly.

Myth #6: You can build over a septic tank

Have you heard that it’s OK to build over a septic system? Maybe you’ve heard that it will be fine as long as the structure isn’t permanent. This is a myth. You should never build over a septic system because the structure will limit your access and can damage your system. Pumping and any repairs will require that your Melbourne septic tank pumping company has easy access. A structure, no matter how permanent, will limit that access.

Myths: Busted

Hopefully, this list of debunked myths will help you understand your septic system better. It’s important that you consult with the experts if you have questions. Having a knowledgeable team on speed dial is the best way to keep your system running smoothly for years. When in doubt, contact your Melbourne septic tank pumping specialists at Acme. We can answer your questions and get you on a regular maintenance schedule.

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