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Here’s How A Winter Garden Septic Tank Pump Out Can Keep Your System Running Smoothly

A Winter Garden septic tank pump-out can keep your tank functioning at its highest capacity and prevent significant issues from occurring. 

How Your Septic System Works

Your septic system works by digesting all of the organic material from your home that gets flushed down your toilet or dumped down your drains. Once it hits your septic system, it breaks into three separate parts.  The ‘sludge’ or organic material such as waste falls to the bottom, the ‘scum’ or oil and grease float to the top, and wastewater moves through and out into the drain field system. It’s important that you system is maintained regularly through a Winter Garden septic tank pump out.

Why You Need A Winter Garden Septic Tank Pump Out

The main reason you need a pump-out is due to the sludge. If the sludge layer fills up past where it’s meant to it, it can cause a series of problems.

As sludge fills your tank, it gets mixed in with the wastewater level and is pushed through the pipes which creates a blockage. The first sign your sludge layer is getting too high is the smell. You will experience a foul odor that continues to grow as the level of sludge builds. If a blockage becomes big enough, wastewater will then begin to be pushed back into your home. This can either show up in your yard as puddles and dead grass or come back up as backflow through your toilets or drains. 

Having routine maintenance done on your septic tank will not only clear out the sludge and keep you from having backflow issues but keep your system functioning for much longer.

How Often You Should Get Your Tank Pumped

Winter Garden Septic Tank Pump Out The general standard for having your septic tank pumped is once every three to five years. It does depend on how large the household is and how often the tank is used. For a larger family, you may want to get it pumped more frequently to avoid expensive repairs and potential health hazards. You also want to consider having it pumped if you are experiencing any issues such as slow drainage in your home.  

Emptying Your Tank

It’s important to call in the professionals when it’s time for your Winter Garden septic tank pump-out. They are trained experts on how to handle the waste and properly dispose of it. It also requires specific equipment to transport the waste, which could potentially be very hazardous. 

If it’s time for you pump-out, contact ACME Environmental Services today for a free estimate. 

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