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What’s It Like Living With A Septic Tank In New Smyrna?

Living With A Septic Tank In New Smyrna Life with a septic tank is not too different from a home with a sewer connection, and many homeowners prefer a septic system over sewer lines. Let’s talk about living with a septic tank in New Smyrna.

Maybe you’re house-hunting, and you’ve been eyeing a place with a septic tank. Or maybe you’re just a septic tank aficionado like we are, and want to read up on what it’s like living with a septic tank in New Smyrna. Either way, there are some things to keep in mind, so let’s start with the key differences between a septic system and a sewer line.

Municipal Sewer Line

Many homes within city limits or more urban areas are connected to the sewer lines that are run by the local government. These lines are shared by multiple homes through an underground network, so everything that gets flushed or drained ends up in the same interconnected system.

Septic System

A septic system is connected to a single property, and is more common in rural areas. Many people would prefer to have a septic tank, and we think you might see a lot of advantages too. With a septic tank, you only need to cover  recommended maintenance instead of city sewer bills. And added bonus – you can get to know a great septic service company like ACME Environmental Services!

What’s it Really Like?

Now we can get to what you’re really wondering. How is it living with a septic tank in New Smyrna? The answer to that is that it’s pretty easy. There are very few adjustments that need to be made to your everyday life when living in a home with a septic system, but here are 5 things to watch for:

  • No caustic drain cleaners

If you have a clog, read the label! Some drain cleaners can kill the helpful bacteria that break down solid waste in your septic tank.

  • Go easy on the garbage disposal

It’s never a good idea to put a lot of food down a garbage disposal, and with a septic system, that food can take up Living With A Septic Tank In New Smyrna space in the tank.

  • Watch where you’re planting trees

Tree roots will naturally seek out a water source, so they shouldn’t be planted near your drain field.

Has that one side of your yard been looking like it could make a great parking lot? Unfortunately you might have to find another space. Vehicles and heavy equipment can affect your septic tank’s ability to drain.

  • Check your water usage

You can still maintain your normal habits while living with a septic tank in New Smyrna, but maybe don’t invite all of your friends over to do their laundry, and dishes, and line up for the shower. This can overload your septic system.

One final helpful tip for living with a septic tank in New Smyrna: keep up on your septic system maintenance. Nothing makes your life with a septic tank easier than calling up a reliable and experienced company like ACME Environmental Services. If you would like to schedule some service, or ask us any questions about your septic system, contact us today!

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