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Need Hurricane Cleanup? Let Our Orlando Hauling Services Do The Heavy Lifting

Hurricane Ian was devastating for the Atlantic coast. If you are still struggling with cleaning up, our Orlando hauling services can help.

It was the most destructive storm in decades and damage estimates are in the tens of billions of dollars. For some, they are looking to start over. Build back from the ground up. For the more fortunate, all they need is a little help cleaning up debris caused by strong winds and heavy rain. If you need someone to do the heavy lifting so you can move on from the storm, we’re here to help.

You already think of Acme Environmental Services as your go-to septic company for installation, cleaning, and repairs. And we are that and more. Our fleet of dump trucks can haul materials to and from a job site, and in the case of a giant storm, we can offer the Orlando hauling services that you need.

Don’t Do It Yourself Orlando hauling services

You may think that you can haul away your storm debris by yourself but it’s so much easier to let the professionals handle it. Using your personal vehicle to transport materials to the dump site can take multiple trips. We can handle all of your debris in one simple trip with our fleet of dump trucks

Plus, our Orlando hauling services team is fully insured, licensed, and trained for all types of hauling, including debris removal after a storm.

We Can Haul Away Anything

Regardless of the extent of your storm damage, our team can handle it. We can haul away shingles, limbs, wood, or anything else that needs to be removed. Here are some examples of what we haul daily:

  • Rock
  • Trees
  • Mulch
  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • And more

We Know Where To Dump

Just as important as knowing how to remove debris is knowing where to dispose of it. Especially now that everyone is cleaning up after the hurricane, storm debris must be left in the proper location to avoid fines. Some cities and counties have established rules regarding where debris should be left, as well as who can dump it and how much is allowed for each address.

Our team of Orlando hauling service technicians is fully informed of all regulations and we work with government agencies to properly dispose of all debris materials.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Depending on the extent of damage at your location, removing debris can be a big job. Check with your insurance agent to see if debris removal is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you’re covered, you may be reimbursed for some or all of the costs associated with Orlando hauling services used to clean up after the storm.

Project Help After Cleanup

After the cleanup is done, look to Acme to help with your next big project. Our dump trucks are great at hauling away debris but they can also bring in materials for landscaping, remodeling, or any other project on your to-do list.

Acme Is Your Orlando Hauling Services Partner

When a job is too big to handle yourself, we’re here to help. Cleaning up after a storm, large or small, can be overwhelming. Contact our team of dump truck drivers to schedule your cleanup job today.

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