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How To Replace A Septic Pump In Lake Mary

Looking for an easy-to-understand guide on how to replace a septic pump in Lake Mary? You came to the right place.


Having a fully-functional septic pump is absolutely critical to the health of your septic system, and is required by state law. If you’ve been suspecting that something isn’t quite right, ACME Environmental Services has the experience and know-how to identify and fix your problem. You won’t need to search how to replace a septic pump in Lake Mary ever again.


What Is A Septic Tank Pump?
There are several varieties of pumps that can be installed in a septic tank, and for now we’re going to focus on the two most common: the grinder pump and the effluent pump.


A grinder pump breaks down solid waste into smaller pieces, allowing it to quickly and easily flow through the pipes and into the septic drain field. An effluent pump moves greywater waste from the septic tank to the drain field. The effluent pump is typically installed when a drain field is at a higher elevation than a septic tank, and the liquid waste can’t be moved between the septic tank and drain field by gravity alone.


Here’s Our Three-Step Process On How To Replace A Septic Pump In Lake Mary


Step One: Identify the source of the problem

There are some telltale signs that can indicate which pump in your septic system is malfunctioning. Sewage backups into your basement or slow draining toilets are usually caused by a broken grinder pump. On the other hand, a broken effluent pump will not move waste from your septic tank to the drain field, causing the septic tank to overfill.


Step Two: Locate and remove the pump

Once you have acquired the correct replacement pump, you’ll need to locate the existing pump so you can remove it. The pump will usually be How To Replace A Septic Pump In Lake Mary installed in a holding tank in your yard and will have wiring that connects it to electrical power.


Step Three: Install the new pump

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can replace the inoperable pump with your new one. We also recommend installing a pump alarm at this point in the process. A septic pump alarm can notify you if your septic tank is getting full and no longer draining, indicating a need for a septic tank cleaning or an inspection to identify the cause of the problem.


How To Replace A Septic Pump In Lake Mary The Easy Way

We’re going to give you a helpful hint. You don’t have to replace your own septic pump. We have been providing septic services just like this to the Central Florida area for over 30 years. So the real answer to the question “how to replace a septic pump in Lake Mary?” is to call ACME Environmental Services.


Besides the obvious advantage of not having to dig into your septic system for hours, having an expert handle your septic pump replacement comes with some additional benefits. Our technicians know how to identify existing or potential problems with your septic system that may otherwise go unnoticed. We’ve also done our fair share of septic pump replacements, so we can work efficiently and safely, which is important when working with septic system elements that are wired into your electrical system. 

Don’t spend any more time wondering how to replace a septic pump in Lake Mary. Fill out our online contact form, and let us take it from here.

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