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Oviedo Septic Tank Pump Repair

Do You Need Oviedo Septic Tank Pump Repair? Here Are The Signs

When you need Oviedo septic tank pump repair, there are signs that you can’t ignore. Here are some indicators that you’re in need of this service, and what can be done to remedy them.

If you found ACME Environmental Services because you think you might need Oviedo septic tank pump repair, then you came to the right place! We’ve been serving Eastern and Central Florida for over 30 years, and we know a thing or two about unpleasant repairs that you probably don’t want to be doing on your own. 

Septic Tank Pump Varieties

Your septic tank pump is a part of your septic system that moves different types of waste from one part of your system to another. There are several types of of pumps, including:

    • Effluent pumps that exclusively handle liquid waste. Oviedo Septic Tank Pump Repair
    • Sewage ejector pumps that move solid waste.
    • Grinder pumps that are similar to sewage ejector pumps, but can break down solid waste into smaller pieces before moving.
    • Turbine pumps that are high-pressure pumps that handle treated wastewater. These are usually used in aerobic septic systems

If you’re unsure which type of pump your septic system uses, our technicians can inspect your system and educate you on the best practices to keep everything operating smoothly.

Signs You Need Oviedo Septic Tank Pump Repair

If we’re being honest, septic system problems can get complicated and unpleasant pretty quickly. You’re probably already seeing some of the indicators that you need Oviedo septic tank pump repair, but if you’re still unsure, we’re going to summarize some common problems. 

Strange Noises

If you can hear your septic tank pump, and it sounds like it’s struggling, that’s a good sign that you need to call an experienced septic system technician to evaluate the situation. 

Foul Odors

Weird sounds, bad smells. If this is starting to sound like a nightmare, or worse, your current reality, then you need Oviedo septic tank pump repair right away. A pump failure can cause a backup in your system, which can lead to foul odors around your tank.

System Backups

If the drains in your home aren’t quite what they used to be, you might need to have your septic system assessed. Slow drains and sewage backups are common symptoms of a septic pump failure, since it means that the pump is no longer moving waste like it should be.

What You Can Do For Your Septic Tank Pump

If you want to avoid future septic tank pump repair problems, it’s important that you ensure that you’re properly maintaining your system, and that nothing but toilet paper is flushed down your toilet. Lots of common household items can wreak havoc on your tank pump and your entire septic system, including but not limited to:

  • Diapers
  • Cooking grease
  • Dental floss
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Cat litter
  • Cotton swabs

If you’re in need of septic tank pump repair, your problem isn’t going to get better on its own. Contact ACME Environmental Services today, and we’ll have your septic system functioning in no time.

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