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Summer Cleanup? Don’t Forget Cocoa Beach Grease Trap Services

If you own, manage, or otherwise work for a restaurant or other commercial kitchen, you know the importance of a grease trap. Acme Environmental Services offers the best Cocoa Beach grease trap services around. Make sure to include us in your summer cleanup! 

What Service Does A Grease Trap Provide?

Grease traps are often a requirement for restaurants and other businesses that provide food service to customers. Grease traps prevent substances such as fats, oils, grease, and solids, sometimes abbreviated as “FOGS,”  from getting trapped in the pipes of your septic system and causing clogs or entering wastewater streams.  

If a clog occurs from grease buildup, it is possible that you may have a more expensive fix on your hands. Lack of regular grease trap cleaning can also reduce the life of the system. These situations can be avoided by regularly scheduling grease trap services

How To Properly Care For Your Kitchen’s Grease Trap

There are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to properly caring for your kitchen’s grease trap. Some of these include:

  • Making sure your grease trap is properly fitted for your facility
  • Not disposing of improper types of waste down your drains
  • Always relying on the help of a professional for grease trap services
  • Scheduling cleanings every 1-3 months

Each of these points is important to remember when it comes to properly caring for your grease trap. The frequency at which your grease trap may need servicing also depends on how often it is used. If customers are pouring into your restaurant this summer, make sure to schedule regular cleanings! 

Ensuring that your commercial kitchen receives regular pumping and cleaning is one of the most important points in maintaining a healthy and safe environment in your kitchen and sewer system. Regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance also helps your business to avoid some of the occupational hazards outlined by OSHA that may be created by unmanaged grease accumulation. 

What Happens If A Grease Trap Is Not Routinely Cleaned? Cocoa Beach Grease Trap Services

If your grease trap is not routinely cleaned by a professional, the grease that runs through the system will eventually build up and create a clog. Some signs that the grease trap in your facility needs to be cleaned include:

  • Foul smells in the kitchen
  • Drains that stop working as efficiently
  • Grease that begins to appear in unexpected places

Backups are one of the most common concerns when it comes to grease trap maintenance. This problem can result in any of the above mentioned signs appearing in your kitchen. The foul smells are a result of old food that has begun to decompose. The same problem can also result in poorly-functioning drains and grease that appears in unexpected places because buildup or grease will seek the easiest exit from wherever it has been accumulating. 

Grease traps that are not regularly cleaned can also result in expensive fines for your company because of the health and environmental hazards they present. 

If your grease trap hasn’t been cleaned recently or you see any of these signs, make sure to call Acme for your Cocoa Beach grease trap services this summer. 

Why Choose Acme?

Acme has been serving the Central Florida region for over 25 years. When it comes to septic or grease trap projects, the scope of our expertise extends to any business with a commercial kitchen, including restaurants, fire stations, hotels, and more. 

All of our team members are trained and certified to resolve any of your septic or grease trap service needs. 

Forget Your Grease Trap Fears With Acme’s Help  

The only place that grease belongs is on your french fries. Ready to schedule your Cocoa Beach grease trap services? Let us know. 

Contact Acme today! 

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