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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Need Apopka Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Just beginning the search for Apopka septic tank cleaning services means that you’re being a responsible homeowner and maintaining your septic system. But with all of the options out there, which provider is best for you?


One out of every five U.S. homes has a septic system installed, and if you’re one of them, you know that Apopka septic tank cleaning services are critical to maximizing the lifespan of your system. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that your septic tank be inspected a minimum of every three years by an experienced septic services company. Additionally, your septic tank should be pumped out every three to five years.


Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Need Apopka Septic Tank Cleaning Services


Working With An Unregistered Septic Contractor

In order to pump septic tanks, septic contractors are required to be registered with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. They must register each year, and provide certificates of completion for at least 12 hours of approved continuing education courses each year. 


While an unregistered septic contractor may offer you low prices for their work, it is unlawful for them to conduct septic pumping services. Additionally, if a contractor is willing to cut corners and ignore rules and regulations, it is likely that they will bring that same unethical behavior to the septic services they provide.


Delaying Your Septic Tank Cleaning

Waiting too long to have your septic tank pumped out can seriously damage your septic system. Under normal circumstances, your septic tank will work as a holding tank for solid waste, where it Apopka Septic Tank Cleaning Services settles at the bottom of the tank. Liquid wastewater will then flow into a perforated pipe and into your septic drainfield. 


If the septic tank has accumulated too much solid waste, it can cause the solids to overflow and spill into the drainfield. This can create clogs that will lead to more costly and extensive maintenance or even the need for an entirely new septic system.


Not Researching Septic Companies

It always pays off to spend some time shopping around for septic service providers. If you don’t compare septic companies, you may end up with poor customer service, unreliable contractors, and undesirable results. One of the best ways to screen septic companies is by reading online reviews from their current customers.


At Acme Environmental Services, our customers love to share the great experience they have when they come to us for Apopka septic tank cleaning services. In this review, Carmen T. shares how our team provided her with top-notch services during her home-buying process:

“Buying an old house can be full of surprises. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Acme Septic. They have proven that customer satisfaction is their first priority. They are willing to help in any way they can. I feel that potential buyers should really consider this company before they request a septic inspection with any other company out there. 


I’ll recommend them on the Wedgefield Facebook page as well in case anyone is in the process of buying a used home. Once again, huge thanks to their team, especially to Renee. She was our contact person that made our repairs possible and smooth as well. Thank you so much!”

This is the result we strive for with every customer interaction. Contact us today to schedule Apopka septic tank cleaning services. We look forward to working with you!

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