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Did You Know These Facts About A Septic Leach Field?

While a septic leach field may seem like a one-size-fits-all investment, there are a few things you must know in order to take care of it properly. Here are some facts to keep in mind.

Fact #1: Your Septic Leach Field Should Never Be Covered 

Think of your leach field as the main component in your septic system. This component is designed to help all the wastewater from your septic tank travel into the surrounding environment. In order for the leach field to accurately do its job and transfer the water into the soil, it must have nothing over it to prevent the water from spreading and evaporating. 

Septic Leach Field Fact #2: Your Leach Field Needs Uncompacted Soil 

It’s important to remember that a critical function of your drain field is its ability to release your wastewater. In order to do so, the soil cannot be compacted down onto the system limiting its ability to allow water to evaporate. It’s important for homeowners to understand this concept in order to not damage the leach fields. 

Fact #3: Know Which Plants Are A No-Go 

While packing soil tightly over your septic leach field is not recommended, planting grass or other low-maintenance plants can help the soil stay together so that the water doesn’t erode it until it disappears. Having some sort of plant life over your leach field helps preserve the soil and keep it actively healthy. 

The plants to avoid are trees and shrubs, high-maintenance plants that require a lot of attention and foot traffic, and edible plants that could absorb contaminants. Be sure to keep these in mind so that you prevent future problems from occurring! 

Fact #4: Your Leach Field Is An Investment 

If you didn’t already know, your drain field should be carefully cared for and looked after to ensure you’re catching concerns before they become problems. A leach or drain field costs much more than the septic tank itself, so it’s critical to keep this investment in tip-top condition. As soon as you smell a foul, unusual smell, or see pooling water, contact us immediately to investigate the scene. 

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