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Sanford ATU Sewer System: How To Choose The Best One

What are ATUs and how do they differ from traditional septic systems? Below, we’ll go into detail about what a Sanford ATU sewer system is and how to choose the best one for your property – a septic system or an ATU.

Sanford ATU sewer system What Is An ATU Sewer System?

ATU stands for Advanced (or Aerobic) Treatment Units. ATUs are relatively new to the market and were designed to act as a personal sewage plant for your property. They are small biological treatment systems that – unlike traditional septic systems – treat wastewater by using oxygen. 

ATUs are not only economical, but they are also a dependable solution to the disposal of wastewater and on-site treatment. As an alternative to traditional septic systems, ATUs allow homeowners to invest in a septic system that is not dependent on the condition of their topsoil. 

Our technicians are highly trained in the processes and procedures required for ATU installation. We’ll walk you through the steps and educate you on the best practices for caring for your new system.

What Type Of Soil Is Best For An ATU Sewer System?

Know your soil type! In order to choose the best option, it’s important to gauge what type of soil you have. ATUs are perfect for homeowners with minimal, rocky, or clay-based topsoil. Unlike traditional septic systems, ATUs are better suited for properties that do not have the correct soil type required for a septic tank. 

If you have been considering installing a Sanford ATU sewer system, you might be wondering if there are any benefits – there are!

  • ATUs are more energy efficient.
  • ATUs are cleaner and faster.
  • ATUs reduce solid waste and bacteria faster than a septic system.

As with anything, there are also a couple of “cons” to consider if you’re thinking of installing an ATU system:

  • ATUs are generally more expensive than traditional septic systems.
  • ATUs require electricity.
  • ATUs generally need more maintenance than a septic tank system.

Sanford ATU sewer system With over 30 years of experience installing septic systems, we have come across just about every situation imaginable. We understand that not all properties are well suited for traditional septic tanks. That’s why we decided to offer a Sanford ATU sewer system as an alternative to our clients who have properties where a normal septic tank would not work. 

We offer a variety of septic services at affordable prices designed to meet your needs. For a free estimate, contact us today. We’d be happy to help answer all your septic and ATU questions. 

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