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How to Install a Septic System Drain Field Orlando: Our Process

You might be wondering how to install a septic system drain field Orlando, so we wanted to share the process we use at ACME Environmental Services. Our technicians ensure that the drain fields we install are set up to be fully functional for years to come. 


How to Install a Septic System Drain Field OrlandoYour average home septic system is made up of several components: the pipe that leads waste out of your home, a septic tank, a drain field, and the soil. When properly maintained, you can expect a septic system to last anywhere from 15-40 years, and there are a variety of factors affecting the total  lifespan. 


One thing that can drastically affect how long your septic system lasts is the drain field, which is why it’s so important to have it installed correctly the first time. This is why we always recommend that you choose a reputable contractor to do any work on your home septic system. 


And we know you’re wondering how to install a septic system drain field Orlando, so let’s get to the details.


How To Install A Septic System Drain Field Orlando: The Planning Stage

When our technicians at ACME Environmental Services install a new drain field, we always begin with careful planning. Some things that we consider are:

  • The size of your septic tank
  • The placement of the drain field
  • The soil type and quality
  • The location of any underground utilities


How To Install A Septic System Drain Field Orlando: Digging The Trenches

The trench digging step is where knowing the size of your septic tank comes in handy. Your drain field needs to be longer or shorter depending on the number of gallons that your septic tank holds. The average home septic tank is anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 gallons, and the size is determined by the number of bedrooms in the home. 


The trenches will need to be 3-4 feet deep, and 3-4 feet wide, and will be dug at an angle to facilitate proper drainage. 


The Gravel Layer

A good septic system has the right rate of drainage, which means that it’s critical to use the right type of gravel around the pipes in your drainHow to Install a Septic System Drain Field Orlando field. When waste is pumped out of the septic tank, it enters perforated pipes. These pipes slowly diffuse the waste into the gravel layer.


Before the perforated pipes are laid in the trenches, our technicians will spread a heavy layer of gravel. The gravel we use is uniform in size, which allows for the wastewater to diffuse at an even rate. 


The Finishing Touch

Once the initial gravel layer is placed, we will install the perforated pipes. These pipes are surrounded by another layer of gravel on all sides, and then a septic fabric is placed on top. The septic fabric helps keep the gravel clear of dirt and debris, and keeps your drain field functioning like it should.


At this point, the trenches are topped off with soil. After giving your lawn some time to grow back, you shouldn’t be able to tell that your septic system drain field is even there. 


Don’t spend any more time researching how to install a septic system drain field Orlando. Contact ACME Environmental Services today, and leave that work to the professionals.

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