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The Basics of DeLand Drain Field Maintenance

You may know how important septic tank maintenance is, but did you know your Deland Drain Field Maintenance is just as crucial?

Drain fields, or leach fields, are the underground systems in your land where the pipes drain the wastewater from your septic tank into the soil. Your septic tank system relies on this drain field to filter and disperse waste, so if there is an issue, your septic tank could suffer a failure. 

A common problem you may experience is buildup under your drain field. This can cause stoppage and could not allow for proper drainage. If a buildup does happen, it’s time to invest in Deland drain field maintenance. 

DeLand Drain Field Maintenance

A requirement for your DeLand drain field maintenance is to have your septic system regularly pumped. Depending on your household size and septic tank size, pumping should occur every one to four years. 

To calculate the perfect pumping schedule for your household, you should contact a trusted professional. A company that has experience will understand the science behind pumping frequency. 

It’s essential to avoid severe damage from overflowing in your drain field by removing the excess sludge. You can also work on not giving your septic system such a hard time by these tips:

  • Not flushing non-decomposable items down the toilet or garbage disposal; this includes diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, coffee grounds, and much more.
  • Limiting the amount of toilet paper usage
  • Using several times before flushing to limit water use
  • Avoiding placement of heavy objects over the drain field area

With habitual DeLand drain field maintenance and being mindful of your usage, your drain field can last up to 25 years. Once it does get old, you can contact our company to have your old field replaced and begin the installation for a brand new one.

Wondering how to tell if there’s something wrong? You may be in dire need of DeLand drain field maintenance if you spot the following signs:

  • Sewage odor and backup
  • Slow drains and backed-up plumbing
  • Greener grass atop you drain field
  • Standing water and constant mushy grounds in your yard

To avoid more serious problems, we recommend you call us now to address and solve any problems with your drain field.

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